Wednesday, September 28, 2005

OK enough partying, now time for some Academics

you guys were thinking that going on an exchange program to europe, that too with a scholarship of the DAAD, is like some paid vacation?

Then you guys are wrong.
After all the Tauschie Tuesday parties, team building, free dinners and free alcohol, visit to Oktoberfest,

yeah time for finally some academics.

Here i took a course "Seminar on Asset Pricing"

and damn myself i took it. Though Prof Kieber is a great teacher, the 5 hour classes are killing.

Today we derived the "Intertemporal Capital Asset Pricing Model"
(Robert MERTON got a NOBEL PRIZE for this, and after going through the derivation I am sure he really deserves it)

and yeah if you think it was all fun and games take a look at the pis here. Clicked from my note boook.

Dont get too scared. more gruesome stuff and complex mathematics have not been shown.
(These are only the 4 pages out of 10 which are used to derive the ICAPM)


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nirav said...

Yeah what to do. As part of the exchange program I am also expected to study. Anyways now i am doing the seminar on "Equity Premium Puzzle" and limitations of the stochastic discount factor. Hope to do something intellectual and fruitful