Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Indian Connection

I never expected to find any Indians (apart from the exchange students) in WHU Vallendar
Lemme tell you, Vallendar is a small village near a tourist town Koblenz which is on the bank of the river Rhine. This town is between Cologne and Frankfurt.

Vallendar is basically a small village (refer earlier posts as well)

When i went to pay my housing deposit to the female who is incharge of allocation of the housing (Mrs Silke Steinert) her kids too were there in her office
on seeing me they asked whether i was an indian
and then when i said yes, they got excited as just the previous day they had seen Hollywood Bollywood
apparently Mrs Steinerts daughter is a big fan of hu rakh Khan (shah rukh, only they couldnt get the name right)
Well didnt know that SRK brand worked here as well. apparently lots of hindi movies get dubbed in Deutsche.

Then next day evening we had the VIP (Vallendar Interaction Program) with the local WHU students and all the exchange junta. After that we went to an Italian Restaurant.
The italian owner (the guy who was also taking orders)

suddenly asked me and another iima guy (Jatin)

"Acchha khana khaaya"

we got surprised
how could this italian guy say some thing in hindi (he knows german spanish and obviously italian as well)

Apparently he can speak fluent punjabi as well (Thes Punjabi)

then he said that ws cause he had lived for a long time in london with a lot of sikh guys.

If this all wasnt enough the next day when me, jatin and nishant went to Koblenz (nearest big city) for some shopping met a couple of Pakistanis who were happy to give directions.

And then we met another indian and asked him the location of an indian store, and he took us to 2 stores, and ya one was run by a pakistani and another by afghanistani. The first indian was an illegal immigrant, with his passport stolen or something and was trouling us with talking when he showed us to the bus stop. I was apprehensive but jatin was being too friendly nd asking what did he do etc. (obviously he looked like some waiter or a cook or something)
i myself was clutching on to my bag and saw to it that no one took away my passport. All i wish that guy doesnt bump into us again and ask for money or some other kind of help.

anyways it was nice talking in hindi and seeing an indian store
complete with VHS tapes and CDs of all hindi movies, all spices daal and wht not
also this solves our food problem. now cooking should be extremely cheap for us.

Lets see how do things go on from now.
Dont wanna bump into more illegal immigrants now.

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