Friday, September 16, 2005

The Running Dinner

THe WHU has a very nice concept of a running dinner. Here a group of 4 is formed who have the starters, main course and the dessert at 3 different houses (of local WHU students apartments) and thus we get to meet more people.

My group had me and 3 women (hey really am i lucky or what? I havent bribed any one but i am always lucky with the ratio)

and to top tht luck ouyr first destination was a place were the hosts were 4 girls. This was the maximum my luck could stretch to. You can see whom I had dinner with here.

Yeah i know date is wrong, but i need to change my camera settings.

The funda was really nice, u get to know many more people.

All we had to do was get wine (or other alcoholic drinks) and the dessert. Our group over did it (especially because of that dumb swedish girl, who has brains a size of a hydrogen atom)

here what we got. obviously the chocolates werent over and lots of wine was left. I took one bottle back with me though

Also we had wonderful dinner, courtesy Thomas (who cooked Pasta with olives and mozerella cheese and olives for a veggie like me, and for the others he had steak, ham and beans with potatoes.) He is a really good cook, and enjoyed the food and his good humour, though the painful swedish girl was really dumb.

The conversation went like this

Swede Dodo: Hey Tomaaas, what did you do with the martini (holding a half empty bottle of martini)

Me: He Flushed it down the toilet

Swede Dodo (mouth open aghast): but it costs 32 Euros

Thomas (cant control his laughter) : Yeah it keeps it clean and kills the germs

The Swede Dodo still didnt understand, had to be explained in detail. Made some snide remark about Rude ugly Indian men. (And i respond by character assassination on the world wide web !!!)

Yeah and after that we went for dessert at Mathias's place. There was Siechi, the turkish DJ as well. So had some nice white wine, with cake and chocolates, listened to some music, especially some german punk and rap.

And then i walked down the cute french girl (whose name i can neither spell nor pronounce ... as yet) to her apartment, and the swede dodo (actually she is not like the scandinivian woman i had imagined she would never make it to the D16 Top 5. Rather than being tall, thin hour glass figure with blue eyes, shes just 5 feet nothing, plump, with puffy face and brains which are way worse than her looks.) , yeah the swede dodo went with her friends to party in Logo the Club in Koblenz 8 km away.

Yeah some more pictures shall be regularly updated now on this blog.

Hope all my non existent readers respond as well with some comments as well


Jesús said...

I gotta say, since I bumped into your blog a few days ago I've been enjoying reading it, so please do not deny my existence, 'cause I do read every entry...It's really funny for me to imagine, based on my own studying experiences overseas, what you're going throuh, in fact, I think I kinda hate the italian idiot already...As for the Swede, I think you're maybe expecting too much from people, as not every scandinavian woman looks like a top model, although it'd be nice for you to photograph the women you meet who DO look like top models, you know, for your readers' enjoyment...So, this is what i call a comment, isn't it?

nirav said...

yeah Jesus, it is nice to know that there is some reader as well. The italian idiot is a funny guy, and yup i was to harsh on the swede. But dont worry im going to the oktober fest tonite. will update more pics of model type women then. Also some more funy articles on the way