Monday, September 12, 2005

My Experiments as a Cook : Part I

Yeah, what can i say, all my life i lived with my parents till i went to ahmedabad to study. My mom is a good cook (cant say otherwise, there are rumours even she reads this) so never thought bout trying it myself, and in the dorm at IIMA no cookign facility, so i had never cooked at all.

My mom is so complicated while explaining stuff that any attempts at learnign from her were wasted (I pity the students she teaches in her College). I made feeble attempts at cooking with Shashu and VJ during my summer intenrship. But those 2 gusy ran the show, and i cleaned up after dinner.

So now i land up in Germany, without any food material (my mom advised me, take some ready to eat stuff, but lazy bum that i was i thought it would increase my baggage weight) and land here on a sunday in the "Pork and Potatoes Country"

So now gettign veggie food is some big problem, so i decide i need to cook.

First few days go by eating cornflakes, pizzas, and Lolos wonder chhole and Dal fry... but not for long could i postpone the inevitable.

So i try my hand at cooking.

Lets make an omlette, i try chopping onions, and i have unevenly sized large onion pieces.
I break the egg, nearly spilling all the egg white on the floor.
Some how i put it in a bowl and beat the egg
add some salt (swad anuasar as sanjeev kapoor would say it on "Khaana Khazana"
and some chilli powder.

now it the part where it gets tough
Which pan should i select to make an omlette, (from the clean ones remaining in this common kitchen for exchange students). Pan Selected

"Shouldnt the pan be flat says Jatin, hmmm .. yep i think for a while and select another pan

put some cooking oil and start heating it
after some time add the batter
large chunks of onions floating in half beaten egg

it kinda sizzles burns... im still looking at it
and others are looking at me enjoying them selves

after some time the omlette seems to be cooked

"Flip it over" said Jatin. (wht would i do without his sound advice)

so now i try to flip over this oblong shaped chunky material
it splits into 3
individually turn over all the pieces
and after sometime pronto the omlette is made

well it didnt taste tht bad
though it really looked funny

no on i guess more often i would just heat the frozen pizzas from the super market.

Hope i dont burn them for the fourth time now ... ;-)

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