Friday, September 02, 2005

Announcement Time

To all my non existent readers, I have been ignoring you for a long, long time, but not any more. I am leaving for Germany as an exchange student, to the Otto Beisheim Graduate School of Management, in the Wissehschaftliche Hochschule fur Unternehmensfurhrung. (Quite a mouthful aint it), and shall surely blog more regularly now. As a preparation for this program I had also taken a course Business German, but alas the only take away from the course (besides from the wonderful party and dinner and free liquor at the end of the course) is ‘Ich Deutsche Sprechen nicht’ meaning I don’t speak German.

Anyways I am leaving for Germany on 4th September early morning at 0050 hours by Austrian Air, (the only criterion for booking this airline was a friend told me they’ve got good looking air hostesses, if that bugger is wrong and all middle aged fat women are serving me, and there is a limit on the alcohol consumption then one guy is sure gonna pay for it) and shall go to Frankfurt with a stop over at Vienna.

For this trip though there hasn’t been much of a preparation, I have got my international driving permit, and bought the lonely planet guide “Europe on a Shoe string” (the damn thing cost me Rs. 1178, so this shoe string is sure expensive). Hey if you were thinking (like my parents are still) that am I going to study or to tour, yes I am going there primarily as a tourist. With German residence permit I am allowed entry in 15 countries or so, hence why not make the most out of it.

And yes I do have a motorcycle license as well, hope to go free riding (free riders = motorcycling club at IIMA, co-founded by me and Hitanshu Gandhi) in Europe.
I am looking forward to see the sights in Europe (yeah long legged, blonde, hourglass figurines are also classified as sights)

Chalo enough info for now, I’ve gotta go back to shopping and shall keep you guys updated.

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