Monday, September 12, 2005

TGV (Tauschie Government Elections)

We have been having a lot of events lately.
one was the team building event in the woods, towards the hillside, (appropriately called town HillSchiede)
Lots of nice events where you have to as a team performance tasks, like climbing over an electric fence, and what not ...

Yup and now coming back to the topic the TGV "Tauschie Government Elections"

No prizes for guessing who won the post of the president, was non other than the "Italian Idiot" After listening to his speech i doubt anyone would have thought otherwise

"Foraa moraa paardies, foraa moraa beir, foraa moraa saax,
vote foraa Annn JeLLL O"
yeah listening to this all opposing candidates withdrew.

And yes his Drinking Paardy won the elections hands down, with French Tempress being the vice president (TGV believes in equal opportunity, so women are well represented)
And the Whacky brit desi (NRI) being the treasury incharge.

With our Bundesheim Dormitory having one most of the posts there is surely gonna be another of the Legendary French Party, all organised by the French Temptress.
These French parties are some thing like the Fight Club

Rule 1 There are no French Parties
Rule 2 No one outside knows what happens inside the french parties
Rule 3 No Cameras allowed in the french parties

Yeah the rest is very simple, people passing around a hooka (yep another french f*!$%r got one) smoke apple and/or mint flavoured tobacco, (sometimes with flavour o weed),
drink beer or vodka, dance to trance music, all of this in a kitchen, which is obviously cramped.

Then we play the drinking game.
Named Ein, Zwei, Drei, Fuhr, funf (ok simple 1-5 in german)
on tht count each person takes out there fist and shows a number from 1-5. then find the sum and go from the first person till the count ends. That person has to chug a beer bottoms up. Then he is the next person.
Last person standing wins.

Nice game eh, hic!!!!

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