Saturday, September 10, 2005

The International Dinner

The WHU (or Ve Ha Oo as the germans call it) has a very nice and a structured exchange program. Well you better have it when you have a total of 89 exchange students.
Not only does the international office organise a lot of events, but even the local students have formed the VIP (Vallendar Integration Program) to increase the bonding.

One such event is a rally followed by a wine tasting session. But what is more important in this blog is the "International Dinner". This was an event organised by the international office (Exchange office). Here every one had to bring some food or drink from their home country and though most people were lazy and just bought some drink.
We made Chhole and Kheer (ok i did the shopipng and carried the bags, Jatin chopped tomtatoes and onions and Nishant did al th cooking, and boy he sure is a good cook),
where as the guys from IIMC, free rode by getting haldiram snacks (whihc they got from india, lazy bums).
the 21 french people most got wine, though Alexandre from my dorm baked a cake, and to compensate Alexander (not to be confused with Alexandre) brought 6 bottles of wine.
The guy with the best sense of humour was the chinese american, who brought rice flakes with him, symbolising america.

Anyways no one cared much bout the food, the germans being nice hosts provided us free german beer (Flasschen beer or Draught beer). The hungarian guys are pretty good friends an they let me taste hungarian Schnapps. Aha, that is sure some knock out. I took only 10-15 ml of it (you dont dilute it at all) and then it hard. So to ease my self i had some other hungarian home made liquor (60-70% alcohol) and then got knocked out. I said no more alcohol for 15 minutes and then simply stuck to german beer. ok i also had the 32 year old rum from Luxemburg, Russian Vodka, Red and White wine from France, a bit of some brazialian stuff (hey by now i was really highhh) But as i drank slowly, and no bottoms up here, the things didnt get out of hand.

The Party was going on fine, with the staff of the interntaional office sevin us beer, and lots of food and drink. Till people started dancing. Then i saw the crudest forms of foreplay ive ever seen. (OK not thata i see lot of public display of affection daily, but nevertheless)

Scene 1:
Italian Idiot goes close to the Polish Hottie and caresses her butt , at which she sshoos him away, all the while I am sitting nearby enjoying my beer.
Italian Idiot (talking to me) : Sheee eez a vaary shy gurl
Polish Hottie (Obviously Annoyed): No i am a faary Gut Gurllll

All this time my friend Jatin (drunk as he was) is trying to photograph the Polish Hottie,
Polish Hottie: Am i not Prettie? I know i am faary faary preeeetttie
Me: (trying hard to be funny) You are the prettiest polish girl i have ever met
(hoping she would ask how many, and i would reply only 1, and laugh on my intelligent joke, but alas, obviously bored sitting next to me she moves on to the next table and sits on the lap of Alexandre, cake bake guy)

Ya laugh as much as you can, but it was fun for me to see people who were eve n more drunk than me (doesnt happen often in india though)

There are many more scenes, but lot more uglier, and this being a family blog i would spare you guys the details. But who knows might write all of it put up some videos and sell it on (or now e-bay india)

After the party at Burgplatz (in the university) we all went to the Korova Bar, and got drunk and dancd a little more there. Then i walked back home, trying to ave some intellectual converstaion with Dirk, the german guy who studies in Spain. (Intellectual = fast cars, porn websites, mens magazines, from where to buy weed ... you can guess the rest right)

Anyways now looking forward to wine tasting today afternoon. Would update all of you soon bout tht as well.

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Jesús said...

Hahahahahahah well, indeed I think you're very witty and funny, I just had a great laugh with this were very brave drinking all that stuff...I say you go for the hot Polish girl, I'm sure she realizes how idiot the Italian guy is...
Greetings from Mexico