Saturday, September 10, 2005

The Tauschie Rally at Koblenz

Today afternoon we had a rally (kind of a treasure hunt) all across the city of Koblenz. For your information Tauschie stands for the exchange students, (Aut Haus Students, or out house students in english) As i have mentioned before these guys really know how to organize an exchange program and have icebreakers as well. So met at the university center (Burgplatz) and then the WHU students (VIP) formed the teams.

We left by ferry from Vallendar to Koblenz. Enroute I saw at least 25 Harleys going for a trip some where.

Each team had 1 member from Asia, South America, North America, France, Rest of Europe (2). My group had me, a Hungarian guy (Albert, the one who had got the schnapps in the earlier post), and 4 girls (hmmm lucky me) one each from France, Spain, Finland and USA.

We were given a map ad had to go to certain places, and figure out when was it built, or which state did the flag belong to and what were the capitals of all the states in Germany, by asking locals.
Additional tasks were to
  • find out 4 types of German sausages
  • rank 6 countries as per their per capita beer consumption
  • collect as many types of different beer coasters as we could in the city (by asking in restaurants) given 4 types of buns, find their German names,
  • find out specialties bout statues
  • figure out what was sold in Flasse Strasse Shop no 18 (hhhmm that was nice ... it was where one could buy what my dorm name means, and all the other accessories)
  • Taste beer and wine and figure which country was it from (that was the best) and then we even sang songs after drinking.

So was really a nice day. But the pick o the day was when we had to mix and match. That was to change clothes and wear clothes of people o the opposite gender in our own group. That was sure funny, and if this activity couldn't break the ice then im sure nothing could. Yup our group was really enthusiastic; we not only finished all 8 destinations, got 62 / 70 points for the first 7. Also our quiz questions and beer mat collections were good. So another day well spent.

Tomorrow we have some team building activities and would have more fun activities. Then Monday i have no classes so might plan to go some where like Heidelberg or some where close in Germany. So weekends are all spent in such fun activities and partying, weekdays need to be spent for traveling. Still nearly a week gone and no traveling done in Europe :-( Lets see how the term unfols and what lies ahead.

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