Friday, September 23, 2005

Tauschie Hike: Wine Tasting at Boppard

I am a little late in posting this, but i thought would put pics as well, which were on Amods comp.
Anyways on 17th September the international office had arranged a Tuaschie Hike. It is an annual event with them taking us out, one more interaction event for all the tauschies.

This year it was a boat ride up the Rhine to Boppard. This is a nice 2 hour journey and then we went up the hills to the Bopparder Wine yard.

Mr Boppard (junior most of the family which makes wine there since 1762) a part of the family took us around the 4 hectare vineyard. (ok we only skimmed the outskirts i guess) and he told us about the type of wine they made, 80% white wine and 20% red. He said in all they had 12-15 types of wine at any point of time. Also spoke on issues of wines being natural (i.e. no sugar added to aid fermenting or developing a taste) and different qualities of wine, the regulations and whether the wine is dry or sweet.

They were offering us to taste 30-40 ml wine (in a 100 ml glass). I did some simple math in my head, 30 ml x 12 types just 360 ml. Thats not good enough. Let me have 2-3 glasses of each. That completes one entire bottle, which would leave me in nice spirits (hic!!!). (By now u are thinking i am some greedy, free riding pig, and a drunkard who has no sense of dignity. Yes you are absolutely right). But as fate would have it they only made us taste 5 types. Out of which the last 2 were just t osweet. Kinda sugary syrup. The cheap "Rasna" (ok indian soft drink brand) kinda thing. All hopes dashed.

Never the less the wineyard is a beautiful place. Will upload pics of the grapes, the hillside slope where the grapes grow and the beautiful meanering river rhine, once i ge hold of amod and get my pics back.

Going tommorow to cologne. should write about that in detail as well.

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