Thursday, September 22, 2005

Gone are the Road trip plans, Boo hoo :-(

Yeah all my car and bike travel plans have gone kaput.
Bike travel becasue of exhorbitant rentals, (100-150 euros per day) and no cars because peoples clashing itinery, no one else being crazy bout travel, and general lethargy. So booked the exhorbitantly priced Eurail pass. (my biggest single purchase in my short life)

So Im gonna miss these german autobahns with no spped limits. Gone is the dream to cruise at 200 kph. No more dreams of gawking at women on the streets of rome and naples while driving.

No more remebering that i have to drive on the right not left.

Now i have to tour europe by train. Might meet more locals, flirt a little more with the women. Learn a wee bit more german/french/italian.

Lets see my big travel plans commence from next week.


Jesús said...

Yeah Nirav come on, we're still young, if you don't travel by train at this point of life then when? in 5-7 years probably your life will be improved and you'll be able to rent the car of your dreams and speed it up all around Europe...or do you envision yourself as a backpacker catching trains at 30? cheer up and enjoy

nirav said...

yeah u are right. I was thinking of the car option as despite the high gas prices, that would have been cheaper or 5 people. But anyways backpacking it is now