Thursday, September 22, 2005

My Experiments as a Cook Part III

Viola, now im on my way to be sanjeev kapoor(the cooking show host of Khana Khazaana for my readers outside India). I have already made Rajma, Alu mutter, Spaghetti and Pasta. And even the europeans liked my food. (ok i am not the only cook, its 3 of us, and may be the europeans didnt want to hurt our feelings) Indian food is becoming popular at Bundeheim dormitory, with Eyal from israel and Ian from Canada always wanting to taste a bit and joinign us for meals.

Anyways now for all my readers who were concerned about the survival abilities of a vegetarian surviving in this pork and potatoes country, im just doing fine. (yeah that is only my mom i guess)

And again to u mommy, u saying i was no good in the kitchen, u are proved wrong. Wait till i get home and cook a good meal for u. Im sure then u will miss your sons cooking for the entire 6th term.

Ok i know that no knows the real taste of indian food in europe, so im fine. My mom is still a great cook, (cant offend her, as per rumours even she reads this space) but I am doing fine. I guess so ;)

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