Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Oktoberfest 2005

Yeah, the WHU students had planned a trip for all of u exchange students to the "Oktober fest". For those who think i have forgotten to spell, or this was just one of the many typographical errors on my blog, no you are mistaken, i am absolutely correct, thats the way he germans call their most popular festival. (Also mistakenly called Oktobeer fest) And yeah i went to this fest in september. It is called Oktober fest as it ends on the first sunday of october and starts 2 weeks before that. This year it is from 17th Sept to 3rd Oct. And we went on sunday 18th Sept

This is held in Munich (Mu:nchen in Deutsch) and here all the bavarian breweries have their gigantic tents put up, serve their beer (1 litre mugs only, nothing less). Also there are other rides like roller coasters and free fall (the regular kinda stuff one would find from disneyland to Bombays Fantasyland or EsselWorld.)

But i guess it is not so much bout the beer but bout the festie atmosphere. Many people are dressed in traditional Bavarian dresses, there is a live band, lots of music and general atmosphere of fun and frolic. The tents are full of people at 10 AM in the morning itself.

We left at 3 AM form Vallendar and reached Munich by us (nice double decker bus, the dahs board looked straight out of a cokpit or some 80s Sci Fi (Indian Movie, with flashing buttons and GPS and other electronic Gadgetary)

Else not much. I was busy drinkign and dancing away visiting different tents.
The women are really nice, no one objects to dancing wiht complete strangers (or is it that i am too handsome ot refuse? unlikely, seems that they might find a skinny ugly south asian guy utterly harmless)

Yeah though the beer was expensive (At 7.50 Euro a liter it sure is) the atmosphere is simply electric.
I went on the Roller coaster, no other rides (again way to expensive)

we simply left at midnight and reached Vallendar before 6 AM (hey dude 550 Km in 6 ours with a 40 minute pit stop, tht is some travelling)

Now all i can say is

Ein Prosit, ein Prosit, Der Gemutlichkeit; ein Prosit, ein Prosit, Der Gemutlichkeit

(That was the main drinking anthem, go figure out what it means)

I leave this blog with a few pictures of the Oktober fest.
(More pic will be uploaded elsewhere might post the link)
I reccomend that who ever has an opportunity should visit it.


Jesús said...

I had been wondering for a long time why did the oktoberfest took place in september...sounds like fun, and the pics are great: the fat old man drinking beer is calendar-like, and the three cute blodies in costume...mmmmmh lucky you...However, gotta say that for 7 euros, you can get yorself 7 liters of fine Mexican beer haha...Those Germans really exaggerate on their prices, though I assume the experience was worth it

nirav said...

yeah the experience was worth it. In india u might get 14 liters for the same amount. But have lots of other pics as well. might share them online at some site. Would surely post the link then.
Also will post more pics when i travel form next week