Friday, October 07, 2005

Scandinivia Trip (Copenhagen)

Yeah as some of you have een asking what have i been upto lately. Well I wasnt online as i went on a long trip to Scandinivia. (Well skipped Norway, went to Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki, and yeah Finland is not Scandinivia but a Nordic State, so sorry for the misnomer)

Right now I have pictures of the Copenhagen Leg of the journey, but shall surely post others soon as well.

So here is our journey

the 4 of us ( Nancy, Amitayush, Akshay and myself from left to right) left for Copenhagen by the night train from Vallendar (stop overs at Koblenz and Cologne). Copenagen is a beautiful city, full of parks botanical gardens and lovely canals hrough out the city. BUT let me tell you one thing. All of Scandinivia is GODDAMN EXPENSIVE. And the Currency Exchangers screwed us on the exchange rates. Anyways it was a learning experience.

We primarily saw the city by a boat ride and also took a walking tour of the city. More of it through some pictures.

Canal Of Copenhagen (or Kobenhavn as the locals call it)

The Opera House (Ok its architecture might make some of you hate it, but it is different)

The Little Mermaid (Sculpture from the Fairy Tale, written by Hans Christian Anderson)

The Square where the Royal Family Lives (4 houses on each side of the Square)

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