Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Terrorism strikes again

After all this George bushes humbug against fighting terror, and doing nothign about the Indo pak tension, today there was a terrorist attack at the prestigious Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
and one scientist was killed and a couple more injured.

Its really sad, to here when the media says the reason was that the educational institutions are SOFT TARGETS

Read more about it in the news
Indian Express
Times of India

Hope we can one day finish this proxy war for once and for all. Bloody why cant US see that the nation they support (Pakistan) and supply all these arms is simply using them against India.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Formula 1 Car in Frankfurt airport

also me trying to take a pic of myself with the car

Back on my Bike...

I last rode my motorcycle on 27th August 2005.
Then as i left for exchange program to germany, i left it in the campus, and didnt give the keys to anyone as then it would end up a Sarvajanik Bike . (i.e. public property, which every one uses, but no one is resposible for)

Today on Christmas 25th december, i finally tried startign the paltry 100 cc machine. And though ti was covered in layers of dust, and half the petrol had evaporated, i did manage to rev up the engine after 4 - 5 kicks (yeah i was scared that the battery might get discharged and thus i might not be able to kick start it)
And dammit even after 3 1/2 months the engine was purring the same way. Still i can manage to manouevre throught the traffic and the brakes are the same as well (the rear brake gives a little jerk to the left each time i brake)

Apart from getting my bike punctured i did manaeg to replace the tube, and also finally bought the things i had forgotten, like bedsheets, blankets ... and what not.

Now that i am reunited with my bike, hoping to have a couple of bike trips this term, and a little more to blog about.

I was goign thru my europe pics, i still have to write about Paris, Switzerland, and Italy.
Also some more pics about the recent happenings in the campus

Anyways i left the keys home and while returning i all but forgot about the keys and landed up in Ahmedabad without my keys. (Infact the list of things i forgot was really huge, but nevertheless for me the bike keys were the most important thing)

Finally i got my parents to courier the keys to me, but then being the smart guy that i am, i lost my keys in the mess.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Vagina Monologues

Yup last weekend when i was at home in bombay, i caught up with a few seniors (Mooli and Cumlee)

So off we went to see a play. (Actually saw two of them, "Art" and Vagina Monologues)

As the name suggests, it has created a fair bit of controversy, but as we saw the 120th show surely its not sleazy or soem cheap sidey porno thingy.

The play actually was about women talking about vaginas (pretty obvious ehh as the name suggests). But instead of it being like reading the Letters to Pent house or some other Porno Mag, it was from a point of view of sensitizing the patriachial society about women and their sexuality. Especially in a country with so many women being raped, with husbands beating their wives and child abuse, genital mutiliation.

I think the play was really good. They had 5 women (The great theatre personality Dolly Thakore and Mahabano Mody-Kotwal being the amongst them) enacting the interviews taken of various women about this topic.

I dont want to talk more about this but i would strongly suggest you to see this play if you get a chance. (The original is a AMerican Broadway play, these indians had just bought the copyrights)

this play actually did in a way change the perspective with which i see women.

The only negative thing about this play is that it bordered on being to FEMINISTIC.

So you go see it.

Aha Back to India

Yeah, its been some time since my last blog, and though 2 are being drafted, i doubt they will ever see the lite of the day.

Anyways I reached home safely, and immediately as I boarded in to the plane at Vienna(TO Mumbai) , I saw the indianness coming back. More and more people breaking queues, talking loudly and HUGE BAGS being carried as hand baggage.

I faced reality a little more closely the next day as I visited my aunts place in Sion. Usually i would be having my motorcycle or Dad would let me take his car. But that day i had to travel by public transport, and travelling by crowded buses in Bombay, gave me a real feel for the city.
again I experienced the noise, the smells.

Yeah and I did notice the lareg number of people all around.

Anyways the vacation has ended, so has the name of my blog.

It shall be more about my last few months in IIM Ahmedabad, and how i cope with not much to do in my last term.

Sunday, December 18, 2005



my stupidity has been discovered by the residents of the dorm,
and though i agree i write bad stuff about lots of people, its for the sake of humour.

I also had a lot of misconceptions about some people, but the most was for Angelo.

At first i thought he was an over the top guy, wearing playboy tshirts and shades.

But later i realised he was a nice and a funny guy, (and also smart considering he found out all the stuff on my blog)

The people who i really despised were :
the ones who neevr cleaned up the mess in the kitchen ... and yeah i dont know who they were.

anyways ... now i guess my sharp and rude comments have hurt someone .. its actually time to write anything personal, wicked and attacking on any one.

I dont know, but i guess this was the best thing to have happened may be.

I hope to be less vitriolic about all people
and this is my new years resolution


Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Final Post from Germany


now in a few hours i leave vallendar for good.
The journey is a long one, As first my friend Farzad Saidi (yeah he is a german, though of iranian descent) drops me by car to Koblenz arond midnight, and then i catch the ICE 809 to frankfurt at 00.48 hrs, to reach frankfurt flughafen (i.e. airport) at 02.02 hrs and then i have to louge around till 6 AM as i check for my flight at 8
This is not all as there is a stop over at Vienna from 9.30 to 11 and then i finally leave for bombay and reach there at 23.25


just saw the videos of the parties, its kind of funny ... lots of candid camera moments, saw a bit of the wild night life here,

and yeah ...
shall miss this place as much as i had loathed it some time back

and yeah i would like to thank all the people that made it memorable here

VIP, TGV, Party ministers, the guys at the Dormitory, especially gabor, jo, albert, ian and others

then the most special were my group memeber s in various seminars
Rene Reinsberg, Gunnar Lange, Florian Arndt, Farzad Saidi, Daniel Jeschonowski, Alexander Smeja, Henock Teklu, Gerald Koch, Alexandre Blondel and Emma Bjoern

also how could i forget Jerome Verger, Kumar Nishant (Lolo) and Jatin Didwania (Windows) for co authoring a case with me (and Prof Lutz Kaufman obviously)

and yeah there are many many more pppl

now that i go on to ahmedabad ...

though there might be some blogs written about germany but they would be fro memory and

now my blog would soon change its name ...
as i move back to ahmedabad ...

EPISODE 6: Revenge of the Geek

anyways now i have bought my 2 bottles of Jack Daniels and ready to go back

bbye WHU

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Don't play cards ... in the shower

For those of you who got confused, this is the poor tale of the 2 french tauschies Alexandre Blondel and Elsa.

Both come to WHU on exchange from different parts of France, and fall in love in the hostile neighbouring country. (Remember the 100 years war)

Anyways like any couple, they love playing cards. But here is their biggest dilemma, that while playing cards they shuffle the deck too loudly. And this enrages others. (they are not particularly helped by the paper thin walls of the Bundesheim Dormitory)

So if they play cards in Elsa's room, her neighbour Sabrina knocks on the wall and tells them to stop it, and if they do it in Alex's room then his neighbour Jo knocks on the wall and tells them to reduce the noise.

Fed up of others interference, they go play cards in the TV room. (Now as this TV doesn't have cable connection and only some sidey german channels, usually no one visits it) But this time to their dismay, on that particular day the draw for the Football worldcup was to be announced. So Gabor, albert and Marcio turn up in the TV room, and tell them to f*** off.

Now due to this frustration, finally they end up playing cards in the shower, (yeah who goes for a shower at 2AM, right) on the girls floor

unfortunately their card playing is not just loud, but also messy. So they left this shower in a "not so clean condition"
and thus further enraging the residents of the dorm.

And thus finally we have the NOTICE put up outside the bathroom

"Do your stuff in your room, NO PLAYING CARDS IN THE SHOWER. Its a public place after all"

Poor Alex and Elsa, they can't even play cards in peace.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Tauschie Calendar (Part 3)

Ok .. now for the last feww pictures from the calendar ...

This is Marie (Sweden) and Sigrid (France) and you can see though the picture is good, it could have been much better. For instance they could hae simply worn a thong instead of their jeans ... (not my thought but Gabor is telling me this as i publish this post)
More over look at Marie carefully and you can see the towel covering her frontside. A good professional photographer wouldnt have allowed this goof up.

This is the pic our our Tauschie President Angelo (Italy) being massaged by Esther (Spanish Chiquitita in my earlier posts) and Sabrina (Italian Mama or Mama mia)

Though again this picture had some potential, not really well executed. Dont know why but still it seems nice (nopes i am not those MCPs who feel women are meant to serve men .. or may be massage them, but still there is some appeal in the pic)

Hmmm, this is another good pic, with the SIZZLING SLOVAKIAN (Zuzzanna .. yeah in slovakia "z" is pronounced as an "s") with the 3 french guys (there are so many of them, who cares about guys names anyways) Only if she were holding a whip or something, this picture would have the effect of the strong woman controlling here toy boys.

Finally we have the mascot of the calendar, the most talked about and the most publicised picture

Yup the guy is Neal Taylor (UK) and the girls are Gabriel and Ibyllis.

This is the only creative picture in the calendar. (the one you would not find in so many email forwards)

anyways ...

If you think i am some pervert by posting such comments on the calendar, then may be you are right.

You guys tooo feel free to post comments. Surely would welcome any criticism

Tauschie Calendar (Part 2)

I need to do this as the blogger doesnt allow my blogs to be really big So continuing with the calendar pics

This is the most hilarious pic. There is Natalia Simakova (the Russian) in the foreground and then we have Gabor and Joseph (Czech) covering their crotches and Emma (sweden) tring to whack Jo's butt.
This picture appears to me like 2 prisoners in a concetration camp, just before getting whipped or somehting, one guy is fantasizing about the Russian Lolita and the other is dreaming about being spanked by a Swedish adolescent girl. (Damn my perverted mind, but again this pic aint artistic)

Yup this is Richard Soriano again. (yeah i know he is one of the most popular guys... but not a great picture again)

This is the best picture for me. Not only because it has the polish hottie Anna, with the french f***er Mathieu, but also as this is something thats actually real. This is another piture i would pay money for...

This is another bad picture you have to take when you dont have too many good looking women. For all the "Open midedness" they talk about, calendar women are supposed to be in bikinis, not your "Havaldar type shorts" (And i havent even gotten started aout when i have free internet, why would i want to see plump women on my calendar)

Also from where are they getting wet, the Champagne bottle aint even open.

Anyways the 2 girls are Elsa (France) and Frida (sweden) whereas the guys are Henrik Ericson(Sweden) and Alexandre Blondel (France)

(contd in part 3 ... as i cant upload all piucs in one post)

The Tauschie Calendar (Part 1)

Yeah so as a part of our memories of the ghost town "Vallendar" and all "excellence in management education" the tauschies here realised a limited edition calendar with the pictures of tauschies themselves.

Now the calendar is kinda a girlie calendar, wit pics of nude guys and semi nude gals, i will put it up nevertheless.
(dont think that i am an idiot to buy the lousy caledar for 15 Euros, i simply clicked the snaps from the clanedar which gabor bought, im never the guy to oppose piracy or crusader of intellcetula property rights. I beleive if you are really intellectual then why bother out piracy ???)

Ok so here are the pictures and my comments on the them as well

So here we have our party ministers Damien (france) and Veronique Tyzcynca (UK). This picture is as cheesy as it can get. Dunno why would any one want to buy this. (Dont worry but the worst is yet to come.

This pic is the WORST OF THE LOT. What were they thinkin when they clicked this?? anyways for your information its Richard and Elsa (both from FRANCE) ... dont htink the picture is artistic nor is it provocative (so no point uying it. February is ruined as well)

Ok missed one pic of Dolan Shah (the british guy of indian origin) and the 2 spanish gals ...

but this pic is one i might actually shell out money for. Here we have (fom left to right) Gabriel, Stephanie (both France) and Ibyllis (Bolivia)

Stephanie being one of the most popular women and her affair with the Taucschie President Angelo (referred as Italian Idiot in my earlier posts) is always on and off.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

No Snow...


Its been getting warmer than the week earlier, and there is rain every night, (unlike warm tropical rain back home in india this rain is icy cold)

So in all proabibility there wont be snow here till I leave.
And that is stupid. Ok i have seen snow in Norway and Munich and Switzerland ...

But not been for long under falling snow, and this might be really sad. I am looking at weather websites and damn, heavy snow predicted in berlin, munich and even as close as frankfurt. BUT NO NONE IN KOBLENZ.

DAMN this stupid weather

Monday, December 05, 2005

Femme Fatale wrecks havoc in the kitchen

Yeah, its been nice for us in the last few days. The Italian mama bans smoking in the girls kitchen. (if u didnt know already our dorm is next to the nuns dorm and thus girls and boys have a separate kitchen on separate floors).
The good part is this leads to the polish hottie having her meals in the boys kitchen. And though its also a no smoking zone, whose gonna say no to a devilishly sexy girl.
So in the last few days she started cooking up there. Then all the guys in order to grab her attention started cooking elaborate meals. Italian (nope he isnt so idiotic) Angelo made a Lasagna (took him 3 hours)
Albert made Goulash, and we indians not to be left out made Pav Bhaji.
Every one started fighting for her attention and offering stuff that they had cooked, soon she stopped cooking totally, just lands up there at dinner time, and some cooks her a meal.
NOw that she has an exam on "Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Rights" on wednesday she also studies in the kitchen with Gabor.
Now this is the only course that she has taken in the english language, and thus she sits there and asks "what is the meaning of this word, or what does that word mean?"
ANd yeah we Indians having learnt english right from our kindergarten days are more than willing to oblige. (those blasted canadians go out of their way to help her out as well)
So in all the situation becomes really hilarious.
Especially funny is when Mangu goes and sits right opposite her and is going through her notes and writes down the meaning of "difficult" words. (Damn if his fiance reads this blog, his marriage scheduled on 15th april might soon be called of, especially she knows how often he visits her rooms just to help her run the antivirus scan ... daily!!!)
Whereas Akshay adds extra salt and burns the curry and i nearly chop my fingers instead of onions (due this excessive distraction)
Jatin (Windows from D22) plays the cool customer, not being to bothered. I thought he being the true desi was not interested in these firangi women till he told me that his strategy was simply "playing hard to get".
Yeah anyways the polish hottie (or Femme Fatale as all her male friends in Poland call her) is now really scared of failing, and so she studies more than 10 hours a day and all in the kitchen. With her there is Gabor, (though this motives might not entirely be academic i presume)
and thus now every one is having 2 hour lunches and 3 hour dinners.
Everybody here gave their explanantion of "Patent Rights which are unrestricted and limited" (to be frank it sounds a bit oxymoronic to me )
And Gabor isnt of too much help either, himslef not knowing the meanings of irrevocable, infringement, assertive, litigation, caveat, defendant and plaintiff ...
He is a little better than Miss Poland who doesnt even know the meaning of Release, law suit ...
So now as you can see the picture, of the polish hottie studying (and creating chaos in the minds of guys around her) where as Gabor is trying really hard to concentrate on his notes.
As i went in for my midnight tea, michael not to be left out (from the race to impress Miss poland) opens a bottle of finest Bordeux wine (the best french wine) and treats us all. Then Alexandre Longuish who got a little drunk said,
"I should'nt have made a group with the polish gal. She never works, she is very lazy. All polish are all so lazy. Back home in France the polish immigrants only do menial work like paint the walls and repair the roads."
At this she got really angry, and may be just to add fuel to the fire, Alex replied, "but they do a good job"
This led to the polish hottie finally leaving the kitchen, and all the other guys asked him to apologize, (not because he was rude, but because now she might stop visiting the kitchen for good. Damn if that happens then im surely gonna bash up that french frog Alex)

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Friday Beer on Thursday night

Thats what the subject line in my email said. (its a crude translation frm german)
Then what followed was a long email, all written in german (cant read tht well, yet) im about to delete the mail, when the last line of the email was

"Tauschie Summary: Free Beer tomorrow night at 7 pm, in the Gewollebekeller"

So obviously, reading the most important words, FREE (in this materialistic world) coupled with the word BEER, one of the best things invented by man, (thats what they say in Bavaria)

Anyways once i went in Gewollbekeller (or the cellar where all parties are held), i realised why the party was called friday beer, as though u start drinking on thurday, the party was supposed to end on friday.

The roots of this tradition are in the german students revolution in 1848, when students would get together and discuss revolutionary ideas on thursday nights, over a few liters of beer. (a liter and a half down, whatever i would speak would only be revalationary not revolutionary)

Yeah so keeping this tradition in mind, the enterprising students of WHU got some sponsorship and started this beer drinking and discussing revolutionary thoughts fraternity.

Well as i dont speak much german, and nor am i politically aware and all i know about revolutions is earht revovles around the sun, but all of this doesn't deter me from going to the gewolbekeller for FREE BEER.

Its unfortunate now i n2 more weeks here i just have one thurday left, and its criminal for me to be flying on thurday morning back to india, but if you dont see me online on next thursday from 7 pm (german time) you know where shall i be.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Driving a mercedes

Yeah finally after coming to Germany did I manage to drive an automobile. Gabor and Joseph were in Koblenz, and walked past a car rental shop advertising cheap rates. So they walk in and enquire and to their amazement they could rent a car in 45 euros for 3 days. (but the catch was without any insurance. The insurance was 66 Euros more)

So while these guys try to figure it out would they rent it without insurance, the Opel Corsa they wanted to rent is taken by someone else, and then as there was no similar car on offer the sales guy offers them a Mercedes B160 for the same price. The east Europeans simply grab the offer, and pay 45 Euros (who wants insurance they say) and without any travel plans they come back in their Mercedes.

Now as they are bragging about it i convince them to let me take it aournd for a spin. So first time in my life i am riving a left hand drive and supposed to drive on the right side of the road. If these restrictions weren't tough enough for my bad driving, the gear system was a wee bit different, but the 6 speed diesel handled wonderfully well. The whole incident was fine, apart from that once I forgot, that I have to drive on the right and entered the left lane (on a left turn) and once drove over the curb while reversing the car during a u-turn went in the 5th gear instead of 3rd and the engine stalled in between the road, and i went speeding at 130 kph in the 6th gear.
All this time Gabor seated next to me, went pale, and was screaming, "I DONT HAVE ANY INSURANCE, PLEASE BE CAREFUL" anyways we (and the car) returned safely and Gabor was kind enough to click some pics, though he feels I do not deserve a driving license (I think Shashu, VJ and Fraud would agree with him after the Mahabhaleshwar trip we had in may 2005)

Here are the pics of me and the MERC

(the pic aint clear and date hides the 3 pointer but its a MERC B160)

A Few Funny incidents

yeah now as i sit with my eurail pass expired not much to do apart from obviously study (for which my inclination declines day by day) and yeah

Knight in shining armour saves beautiful damsels from ...
this happened today morning as i was leavig the dormitory. As i was walking along the corridor the polish hottie and the spanish chiquitita come running towards me and drag me along to the chiquitita's room. I was not only amazed but my head was spinning with all the possible wicked thoughts (damn this free internet and no admin to check which sites i visit or what i download).
But before i could even realise this gals asked me to kill the spider in the room. Well so this Knight has no fire spitting dragon to slay, ut a teeny weeny spider on the roof.

Swiped it and its web off with a broom in one swipe. and then the other stroke crushed the horrendous spider and this wicked creature met its death.

And all this for me risking my life to save these damsels? What do i get? Nothing, nothing but a thank you.

Magician from the east cons Maverick Magyar
yesterday night while dinner mangu got a pack of cards and was showing some magic tricks. The most amused (or should i say confused) was the hungarian friend Gabor Gyeorfi. After a long time he did figure out the trick ...
Well now that it was my turn, i showed him one of the oldest tricks, one which my dad showed me in 1987 and even then i wasn't amused. But nevertheless i put on the show and one by one i remove a card from the pack and tell him which the next would be. This totally left him dumbstruck, and he was left gazing. Asking me how did i do this, i non chalantly replied i gotta a good memory.

then he shuffled the pack forme, really well and then as he is left awe struck i perform the trick again with fiegned difficulty.

This went on for an hour as he kept questioning me, suspected i had cards in my pocket, suspected fellow indians akshay and mangu for telling me with sign languae. he even memorised the cards himself and came up with a trick to figure out my trick.
This continued for an hour (all the while we 3 indians, czech guy Jo, Eyal the israeli and Ian the canadian were laughing their asses off; only gabor didnt figure the trick, which in itself is really simple)

Finally when gabor did realise this, he tried and repeated this trick in front of Alexandre the French guy, and not only did he fail miserably, (didnt arrage thecards well enoough) but Alex didnt figure out anything, since he doesnt speak enlgish and doesn't know the difference between spades diamonds and clubs (i dout he even knows numbers though)

Though this episode doesn't seem as funny while writing, truthfully this was the day i laughed continously for over a hour, till my belly ached and my face hurt as well

Long Walk in the Dark with the Polish hottie
This happened long long ago, but havent been blogging as i thought that my mother might read it. But now that i am assured that she gave up reading this space some time back and alsso persuaded by other inians to put this in "print" i am writing about this

So it is late in the night (around 1 AM) and i am busy watcing the movie "Guide" in the PC Room (where i spend most of the time in the university)
Then suddenly i realise that the room is empty save me and the Polish Hottie. Now though i have spent reamsand reams describing her on this blog let me do it once more,
She has more oomph than all the MTV India VJ's put together. If she comes to india and does item numbers in hindi movies then i am sure yana gupta would be sitting at home and washing clothes. (it sounds much better in hindi "Ghar par baith ke kapde dhoti rahegi" doesn't it)

Anyways i dont have the guts to approach her and start conversation, so i keep sitting and watchign the movie. Till she takes the first step, and comes close to me and says in broken english "Weela you comma withaa meea to the dor-mee-tory-aa"
I would have jumped at the offer, but trying to play hard to get, i coolly say let me finish off seeing this movie and then i will accompany you. (in reality an hour was remaining, but i couldnt let go of this offer lest some one else might come in and grab the "opportunity"). She just thanks me and says as she really feels scared going back alone in the night.

So after 5 minutes, i simply shut down the media file and annouce, "lets go"
And let me tell you the walk back is 20 minutes and uphill, and the village is almost always deserted after 9, thus at a quarter past one, there was absolutely no one save us and our shadows.

Now i try to start some conversation, saying why i never saw her in any of my classes, etc ... whereas all the while there are voices in my head advising me how to react in this situation

Voice1: you dumb ass, do something, impress her by your great humour, tell her some of your funny stories, .... sieze the initiative, you wont get such golden chances again

Voice2: Dood get real. None of your stories are funny. neither are you. When people laugh its on you and not your jokes.

Voice3: Doesnt matter. Shes Polish (hence dumb) and doesnt even understand english. So there goes your punchline.

All this while, as we walk back shivering in the cold, i manage few mumbled sentences, about me only takign courses in english (and she took only courses in german, hence shes never in my class, ...ufff)

till we come across this small fence. Normally in day time we would walk across it, but she suggests we cross the railing. I am glad, that i will be ale to help her across, and get i nher good books but all to the contrary, she leaps across with the grace of nadia comaneci (the gymnast) and i am struggling across as she laughs on my efforts.

soon as we near the dormitory she lights up a ciggarette (if i havent already mentioned it before, she smokes like a chimney and drinks like a fish and is the life of any party, a real wild party animal)

As she is fumbling in the dark with her lighter, the voices in my head start again
Voice 1: Idiot ask for a ciggie and light it like Humphrey Bogart (in casablanca) and soon the gal will be yours
Voice3: If you do actually think of this stupidity , beware not to cough like a asthmatic.

Finally better judgement did prevail.

And yeah the complete 25 minutes (yes we were slow due to the dark and cold) was completed with a few mumbled words (yeah i do get tongue tied in front of terribbly attracive women) from me and a few words in halting english from her ( i doubt language was the real reason for her speaking less)

ANd yeah ... finally it simply ended like "So much ado about nothing"

( I am writing about this as Bahri who saw me come back with her doesn't believe me, so here lies my version of the story)