Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Insurance headaches

Here there is a limit of things the germans want to insure. First i got a complete health insurance for myself, then i have to compulsorily pay a private liability insurance of 35 euros, if i break anyhitng or lose anything on campus.

When we had the introducitons from students to play sports on has to pay a 6 euro insurance incase one gets injured while playing. 9over an above a complete health insurance tht i already have)

That eally means there is some high leve l of duplication o insurance. Most of which would never be used. I feel these insurance companies form a cartel with these universities to fleece poor internationla students. Really i feel like working for a German insurance firm. Or atleast buying their stock. Seriously these guys make some serious money.

And if this wasnt enough, there are only 2 banks in Vallendar and no one else even has an atm there. Thus to recieve my schol, i decide to open an account there and then i realise that it costs me 20 euros to open a bank account. That is sure something.

Really these germans take the saying TANSTAAFL (There Aint no such thing as a free lunch) pretty seriously.

Ya and after paying this i realise that they dont have any ATMs in outside Germany and Deutsche Bank opens a student account for free
but their bank and atm is in Koblenz 8 km away.
i guess ill open another account to finance my travel in rest of europe

this german beuracracy is seriously testing my patience a sometimes. Then i realise india is really better in some things atleast,
Like free accout opening and lot of free service which we take it for granted.

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