Tuesday, September 06, 2005

finally arrived in germany

yaa after a long and tiring journey ive reached WHU, Vallendar in Germany

the journey was in parts

Mumbai -> Vienna --> Frankfurt --> Koblenz --> Vallendar ---> dorm up a hill

total journey with looong stop overs would be 14-15 hours

(moral of the story dont travel on sunday, not only are tickets more expensive, ver yfew trains)

also weekend pass or entire germany is 14 euro
and the ticket to koblenz from frankfurt is 26 euro
these guys have no sense or are simply looting us stupid indians

Vallendar is a small village, has little else besides the management school WHU and a theological university (Scho:nstat)
my dorm is behind a religious gift shop, and nest to the dorms for nuns,

the view is terrific and its up a hill
the walk may be tiring but its sure fun in this pleasant weather (it shall soon get colder)

the dorm is entirely for exchange students, u've got ppl from canada, brasil, chile, france, spain, czech republic, hungary, poland, india nad china

there are some more exchange students who live else where
there are from brussels, USA UK mexico etc

there is a swede in my dorm
who got his land rover along, and is a hunter as well (plans to go wild boar hunting in the german black forest ... ala asterix and obelix)

anyways today the orientation was done
paid all deposits and the insurances .... discovered how bland could germna food be
boiled potatoes, broccoli and carrots in cheese ... doesnt sound too much fun right. Well it doesnt taste much fun either.

have now bought some groceries
and plan to begin "My experiments as a cook"

else would need to survive on corn flakes, milk juice bread and butter

the term is unfolding well

classes begin on thursday and lets see how the term moves on.

plans are laid to go to the oktober fest on 18th sept (the first day of it)

lotsa bits and pieces of info in this blog

plan (hope) to write something more readable and fun soon.

now let the jet lagged idiot go back to sleep


Oka the irrepressible said...

Have fun man !! Sounds very exciting !!

Make sure you get a pass when you are gonna visit the Swiss. It allows you to move throughout the country and turns out much much cheaper. (I think its around 130 swiss francs or something)

By the way, I've posted your message on the Dbab. Keep writing !

sambha said...

have fun cooking dude. let us know how edible does it turn out to be.

Poza said...

Hi Nirav,
Have fun dude. And do keep us posted.

Mike Moore said...

Are you studying to be a priest my friend?