Sunday, September 04, 2005

Last few thoughts before leaving

Ya now I am leaving for Germany, I’m scheduled to leave in 2 hours but penning down a few thoughts.

These last few days have been really hectic, with lotsa relatives calling up and giving serious advice on cooking, living abroad, my aunt even enlightened me “You know in Europe they drive on the right of the road …” yeah right auntie, thanks for all the enlightenment.

Speaking of my aunt, my Mom sure is unbeatable; she kept pestering me to take a lot of food packets, ready to eat and lots of pickles, and snacks from home. I flatly refused and said “Ma after eating food cooked by you, I’ll surely manage it anywhere, after all it can be either burnt or raw, the salt can be either less or more and u’ve prepared me for it perfectly.” This surely was a suicidal statement to make. She cooked KARELA for todays lunch. She sure has a WICKED SENSE OF HUMOUR. Lemme tell you no jokes with mums criticizing their cooking. It hurts their maternal pride, and then moms can sure dish out hell (well karela is pretty close to hell aint it?)

And if that wasn’t enough my mom warned me “No hanky panky with women in Germany” Though hanky panky sounds like a nursery rhyme or a game which is played in kindergartens, I guess my mom means I am not supposed to lose my virginity out there. She is tensed for no reason, given my dashing good looks, irresistible charm, fantastic wit and sense of humour (or lack of all the above mentioned qualities) her basic worry is will this idiotic son of hers ever be able to do hanky panky with any woman?
But yeah mothers are mothers, and she might have been inspired by that idiotic Aviva Life insurance advertisement (Flexi policy kal par control, the one where the son comes in with a firang wife) TV is surely having a bad influence on my parents. Need to monitor their TV viewing habits. God alone knows what they show nowadays. Lot of it is not meant for people aged over 30.
Yup ciao then, its only an hour now before I leave. (took me an hour with dinner in between to write this)
Next blog from Deutsche Land.

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