Monday, September 19, 2005

Aha Coalition Government here as well.

Yeah this Sunday were the elections for the German parliaent, and though this was supposed to be a close election, this is a pefect hung parliament. The top 2 parties have 35% (CDU) and 34% (SPD) and other 2 parties having 8% each.

Now i guess lots of horse trading would go on and small regional parties extracting their pound of flesh. Very similar to the situation in India.

I guess gone are the days of one party government.
Even in the US the elcetions between Kerry and Bush and Al Gore and bush were so close.

The world is believ is moving towards a more centrist policy.

Anyways this is enough politics for me this term.

Will soon upload pics of wine tasting and the Oktoberfest. (Really had one of the best weekends of my life)

Now lemme grapple with academic matter for a change.


Jesús said...

Not so in Mexico...for the first time in history, last election was won by an opposition party, then Mexicos city's government was won by the other opposition party, and in general no one's happy, and now no party is popular among the people, we distrust all of them, we don't know anymore where to place our hopes on, let's see how things go for next year, in which we'll have presidential elections again...I'll keep you posted...

nirav said...

Hahahahaha, the same thing happens in India. Incumbents generally lose, all the 30 odd partied which might be there in india are distrusted