Friday, September 16, 2005

My Experiments as a Cook Part II

Today it was raining hard, and thus i thought let me bunk that 4 hour class, so just relaxed.

The Picture on the left shows my state there now.

By the way by staying in during the rain I cooked tradititonal indina meal for hte first time.

It was simple, rice (boiled in the rice cooker) and to spice it up stir fried it with jeera. And simple potatoes, tomatoes and onions as the vegetables.

All this was done by using Shashu and VJ's simple formula for cooking.

Heat Oil in the pan, add mustard, heat till is sizzles, add other masala (haldi et al) thne add onions, stir till they are cooked, add chopped tomatoes, and then add boiled potatoes. Add some water to create the gravy. Viola its done

And yep the food was nice. The IIMB guys with me liked it as well (ok yeah Akhsay Sardesai was my co-cook, but now im confident tht i too can do it all)

So tonight its some italian food.

Lets see how bad is it


Colourking said...

Whatay! Shashu and VJ's ghastly gastronomic experiments actually have a follower now :-)


nirav said...

yeah seriously it helps me survive