Sunday, September 25, 2005

Trip to Cologne

Yeah finally some travel plan materialised. Yesterday on September 24th, off we (the not so Famous Five being Jatin from IIMA, Akshay from IIMB and Amod and Nancy both from IIMC) went to Cologne. (or Ko:ln as germans call it)

The weekend ticket for 30 Euros allowed us to travel in all of the country in the RE (slow trains)

Coming out of the Koln Aubahnoff (Main station), one sees the magnificent Cathedral, one of the tallest buildings in Europe. (Completed in 1880, it was the tallest building in the world till the Eiffel Tower was built, though the records have been broken many times since) It is also the largest cathedral in Europe. Enough of history, but inside there were magnificent Stained Glass Paintings, some sculptures and one could climb up the tower (509 steps, some climbing for a lazy bum like me) and view the city of Cologne. In the way there was also a level where theres a bell weighing 24 tonnes.

The view from the top is simply amazing. Actually this trip got me thinking if the not so famous (ok i dunno much bout Europe) cathedral was so good, how would i feel in Paris, Rome or Athens? After the cathedral we went to a chocolate museum and saw the process of making a chocolate. Also it was fun roaming around in the city in trains and trams. Went through the shopping area and all i bought was Original "Eau De Cologne"

Not Much else done, though the SLOW SPEED of our sightseeng frustrated me at times, making my resolve ot ravel alone even stronger. Or may be just 2s company and 3 is crowd. As more number of people always slow down the entire group. (Ok a big group is fun, but should be like minded, may be i myself am not very sociable, have scant interest in window shopping, can walk faster and not loiter around "soaking in the experience"
Anyways my plan to tour europe holds. Nezt week is pretty empty and so travel to copenhagen stockholm and oslo.

Hope these trips can go on where we can see much more and not waste time in thinking what would be better, BurgerKing or KFC (goddamn wiht a vegetarian like me in the group)

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