Saturday, February 25, 2006

Of placements and more

Now with the placements looming on our heads, we at WIMWI have started discussing the job market and potential recruiters more than women and cricket. (and thats a real shame aint it)

anyways now that i have kept thinking at length about it i guess it surely deserves a mention on my blog as well.

Today when the economy is doing well and every where the companies are raising their salaries i guess all of us at iima shall be with high paying jobs to start our careers with, but then i guess till not all of us would be anything close to happy.
Each one would be comparing how much did i get.

Then comes the issue of which job is the right job to take. Do i have the right atitude/aptitude to work in a particular sector. Would i sell my soul and all my leisure time for a few Lakh more?

I feel like a prostitute who will be goign to work for the highest bidder.
Infact looking how i am slacking on assignments now with no pressure on me, i rather feel like a donkey who wont run unless:
1) He is chasing a carrot at the end of a stick, OR
2) some one is whipping his ass unless he runs

without the reward and punishment i shall stand still at one point. It says a lto about my personality and internal drive (and i guess the same about all others with me)

At the same time when i told Basuri dada (a first year agri business management student in my dorm) about me being shortlisted for a couple of investmentbanks, he said "why do you want ot join financial services firms, and just go there cheat ordinary people and create scams? go do some work which benefits the society at large"
though Basudev has significant leftist leanings and has grown up in rural bengal, his words do ring a bell.

Just a couple of hours later there was a presentation by a Micro finance firm, which aimed at giving credit to the poorest of the poor, a wonderful social iniative, and though i think the cause is wonderful, as i dont identify with doing such work myself, im sure i am not gonna even apply to this firm.

Well its not that i am not concerned about the poor, nor do i deny that there is some serious amount of profits lying there (the poor pay 5% interest per day, yes 5% per day to money lenders) but its as if i am not the right person to do something. I am really happy that others are out there to make it a better place.
its like saying that india doesnt have any fast bowlers who put fear in the opposition batsmens mind so i should start practising. I simply dont have the ability t operform, thus i should simply watch cricket on the telly, make advertisers pay more, make the cricket boards rich and hope it gets channelized to the right direction and we get better cricketeres.

Arm chair activism it is but well thats all i am capable of.
Now back to completing the AMDA take home exam, after i see the movie aired on star movies :P

Beginning of the End

yeah now my stay at IIMA is nearing an end.
Would love to type out my thoughts about it, but then dont have the time (too caught up in attending placement ppts, completing assignments which i had slacked on earlier, cribbing about life in general and playing carrom over 10 cups of tea per day)

Anyways now with the entire batch getting extremely senti, some people have already penned their thoughts (Ranga, Poza and Blade are just some of them) and then the 'SENTINELS' comprising of BaLLLma®, Tahseen, Ranga, Bushie amongst others are taking some initiatives to make the last few days memorable.
On of the few events they conducted was the Poll of the Year (POTY) awards, which was held alongwith the Music Night.

The Music night was some nice event, kudos to SFI (Srinath) the music club coord and the entire music club for making it an extremely memorable event.

The POTY awards were hosted by none other than yours truly, and inspite of various goof ups and me not able to read the print, the event was nice with a lot of funky awards being given. (Like the Best CP, best/ worst hair style, killer lady and lady killer, best couple ...)
Anyways i was awarded the best dorm name. (I guess if you know my dorm name, and have lived on campus from 2004-06 then this should have been a no brainer)

Yeah now i shall soon type out my own memories of this place, and add some pictures as well.

Monday, February 13, 2006

What Does your birthday mean

Discovered this of Blade's blog (Ranjan Kant, WIMWI's most hardworking, intelligent and fighter dude)

Anyways this describes my characteristics, guess some of it is true, (well in all such things they say lot of genreic things, so atleast soem characteristics should match anyone on this planet)
Anyways if interested you too can try it and check whether it works for you. I myself dont believe in astrology (unless it says things like i am a natural born leader of men and irresistibly attractive to women)
Your Birthdate: October 3
You are more than a big ball of energy - you are a big ball of hyper.You are always on the go, but you don't have a type a personality.Instead of channeling your energy into work, you instead go for fun and adventure.Witty and verbal, you can have an interesting conversation with anyone.
Your strength: Your larger than life imagination
Your weakness: You tend to be pretty scattered
Your power color: Lime
Your power symbol: Lightening bolt
Your power month: March
What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

So anyways you guys try it out, andif you did read this, please leave your comments on how much of this do you think is true.
Btw i hope my power month is march. (for more reasons than one)

Friday, February 10, 2006

Sunrise @ Thol

Yeah now in 6th term, less than a month for the end, the motorcylcing club of IIM Ahmedabad is now nearly getting defunct. (With the infectious enthusiasm of Hitanshu Gandhi gone, doubt any one would have the guts to do 1000 km solo rides)
But as a part of i was making too many plans to somehow go out on a short trip. So Made plans to (re)visit the Bird Sanctuary Thol, around 40 km from the campus.
The plan was first aborted due to lack of anyone willling to wake up early enough to witness the sunrise.

Then yesterday night at Cafe TANSTAAFL (CT) around 3 AM suddenly SFI and Gattu suggested why couldnt we leave in an hour or so, and thus reach well in time for some ornithology (well though most of us are avid bird watchers, our main hobby is 'horny-thology')

so off we went across with Nippo being the 4th guy to come as a pillion with me.

It was a wonderful way to spend the morning, away from the noise and hullabaloo of WIMWI to experience the tranquil calm.

anyways leaving you with the pictures

1 Sunrise at Thol

2 Lone Flamingo @ Thol Lake (not very sharp as taken with 10x zoom the max in my camera)

3 A picture taken in the Sepia Mode (im finally using different modes in my CAM)

The Same Snap taken by SFI in another mode, with adjusting his camera settings

4 Now for the people who went there (From L to R SFI Manu and Me, unfortunately not a soul in sight thus Nippo had to take this snap)

5 Finally the other 3 (Nippo Gattu and SFI from L to R)

As I am typing this blog Rambo (another fellow Dixteeno) has started this Radio Nightlife a LAN Radio station, and as an RJ he is busy Leli-ing everyone (Leli : IIMA lingo for taking some ones case)

Ek din saala Rambo pitega kisise


Now that SFI has pasted his snaps on my comp, some more pics here (he is one helluva photographer) This one below is a fantastic snap with the birds flying across during sunrise. (wanna go there one day during sunset as well)

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hindi Prachar Sabha @ Chhatravaas Solah

Yeah, now its just about a month left and now and I realise soon i wont be living in this dormitory at IIM Ahmedabad.

Little did I know when i joined the institute its not just the institute that moulds a person, but very much the dormitory that the person lives in and the people in the dorm.

So this blog dedicated to the activities of my fellow Dixteenos.

The latest activity in our dorm is to popularize the use of hindi. Considerign that there are many south indians who arent exactly comfortable in the national language, Nippo and Softy (aka Patrkar the Media secretary of IIMA) formed the Hindi Prachar Sabha. BaLLLma® always being the over enthu guy comes up with the south indian chapter, Dakshin bharatiya Hindi Sangathan. (He can't be a simple member of any club, unless he is the Prez can't he?)
So now while wasting and whiling away our time in the dorm, (which is the second most popular activity for PGP2s the first being paining the pgp1s with arbit gyaan) we have come up with the motto to have all conversations in chaste hindi. Wheres the catch one might say is'nt Hindi the national language and spoken all across the country? But mind you for those who have been born and brought up in the cosmopolitan city like Mumbai, there are too many English, Marathi, Gujarati and even the Bambaiyya hindi words creeping into ones vocabulary.

So now that we dont use any english words, Dorm 16 is called Chhatravaas Solah, and myself beign the Dorm Representative is know known as Chhatravaas Pratinidhi.
Though these might not sound funny, junta keeps giving each other Oonche Paanch (High fives) and whenever some one admits their mistakes they say Main Sudhara hua Khada hu (I stand Corrected)

Till the club was limited to the first floor it wasn't too bad, but with the entry of The Sourav The Roy (aka Currency of South africa aka truncated name of a street walker) there were new words for the english words entrenched in our vocabulary

Sukshma Narm Bal Bindu Prastuti (Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation)
Pratimbh pind, Laghu pind, chaar chhidra maar dhaad pratiyogita (Carrom game)
Yaun Yantra (thats the dorm name of yours truly well translated in hindi)

there are many more, but i absolutely cant remmeber more of those.
And also we have the external consultant, the Hindi scholar from Down south Vinoo aka Nagina (now a pgp3 working in Feedback Ventures Delhi)
HIs one of the many claims to fame is that he top scored in hindi in class 10 in a highschool in Madras. (i guess there were 5 people in the class, and 8 might not be able to speak hindi at all)

Yup i think i will blog a lot more about IIMA, the placement season (current fever going on) and definitely about my esteemed friends, and the dorm.

Next one hopefully should be on the free fair and transparent Dorm Rep elections