Monday, May 16, 2005

3 Sakina Manzil

May 15, 2005

Saw a play today at the NCPA. Though I am not one of the intellengentsia, or a great patron of the arts, this play definitely is a must watch. A love story set in the back drop of the freedom struggle, it talks about the great Bombay Dockyard Blast, and how this separates 2 lovers for life, only to be reunited 50 yrs later at an ophthalmologists clinic.

Its not about the story or my historical connection, (incidentally I have heard about this event from my Grand Dad, who was working then and there on Princess Dock for Scindia Steam Navigation Pvt. Ltd.) but it is about how well these people can act, the script and the screen play is so well written, flash back is so well displayed. The humour is subtle No trashy jokes, none of those not-so-wise cracks that one is used to seeing in Hindi Films. No focused camera on the heroines cleavage, to jhatkas and matkas of an item number, no meaningless songs.

The star cast comprised of only 2 people. This play gave me much more pleasure than any recent movie that I might have seen. It only underlines the fact that simple is beautiful. Not those magnum opus on the silver screens, with a 40yr old star with a bad back in an item number. Models trying to emote to bad dialogues, heroines are only present to titillate and display their perfect bodies.

A simple theatre with a nice story line and a wonderful script is fine. That’s what I call nice entertainment.