Saturday, September 24, 2005

Indian Cricket in Shambles

Well i dont understand, why politicians dont mind their business and ruin the country but leave he sports aside. (i guess there is big money there as well)

With the recent fiasco over the BCCI (Board of Conrol of Cricket in India) Elections to elect hte head was adjourned with Sharad Pawar (Ex defense minister) filing court cases in 2 high courts against Jagmohan Dlamiya.

If only these people running the cricket board would channel their energy and money in building up the sport from the grass roots level. If only was good infrastructure provided for schools cricket. If only were zonal selection procedures removed.

Yes India would not have lost the last world cup final.

To make matters worse, the current Indian Captain (Saurav Ganguly) and the Coach (Australian Greg Chappell) dont see eye to eye. Greg Chappell doesnt want Ganguly in the team, and Ganguly doesnt think Chappel deserves to be the coach. The team is divided into factions, and no one is bothered about the sport its just the policitcs within.

Its a sorry state even the sports pages of the newspapers carry these political feuds. I am sure this is definitely bigger than the Alex Fergusson and David Beckham spat at Manchester united.
Really makes me sick.

Meanwhile had been to Cologne today, but am dead tired, and would post a detailed blog tommorow.


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nirav said...

Ya atleast i hope to keep blogging when i am in europe. Have some travel plans. Would try and document some of them.