Saturday, December 24, 2005

Vagina Monologues

Yup last weekend when i was at home in bombay, i caught up with a few seniors (Mooli and Cumlee)

So off we went to see a play. (Actually saw two of them, "Art" and Vagina Monologues)

As the name suggests, it has created a fair bit of controversy, but as we saw the 120th show surely its not sleazy or soem cheap sidey porno thingy.

The play actually was about women talking about vaginas (pretty obvious ehh as the name suggests). But instead of it being like reading the Letters to Pent house or some other Porno Mag, it was from a point of view of sensitizing the patriachial society about women and their sexuality. Especially in a country with so many women being raped, with husbands beating their wives and child abuse, genital mutiliation.

I think the play was really good. They had 5 women (The great theatre personality Dolly Thakore and Mahabano Mody-Kotwal being the amongst them) enacting the interviews taken of various women about this topic.

I dont want to talk more about this but i would strongly suggest you to see this play if you get a chance. (The original is a AMerican Broadway play, these indians had just bought the copyrights)

this play actually did in a way change the perspective with which i see women.

The only negative thing about this play is that it bordered on being to FEMINISTIC.

So you go see it.

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