Sunday, December 11, 2005

Don't play cards ... in the shower

For those of you who got confused, this is the poor tale of the 2 french tauschies Alexandre Blondel and Elsa.

Both come to WHU on exchange from different parts of France, and fall in love in the hostile neighbouring country. (Remember the 100 years war)

Anyways like any couple, they love playing cards. But here is their biggest dilemma, that while playing cards they shuffle the deck too loudly. And this enrages others. (they are not particularly helped by the paper thin walls of the Bundesheim Dormitory)

So if they play cards in Elsa's room, her neighbour Sabrina knocks on the wall and tells them to stop it, and if they do it in Alex's room then his neighbour Jo knocks on the wall and tells them to reduce the noise.

Fed up of others interference, they go play cards in the TV room. (Now as this TV doesn't have cable connection and only some sidey german channels, usually no one visits it) But this time to their dismay, on that particular day the draw for the Football worldcup was to be announced. So Gabor, albert and Marcio turn up in the TV room, and tell them to f*** off.

Now due to this frustration, finally they end up playing cards in the shower, (yeah who goes for a shower at 2AM, right) on the girls floor

unfortunately their card playing is not just loud, but also messy. So they left this shower in a "not so clean condition"
and thus further enraging the residents of the dorm.

And thus finally we have the NOTICE put up outside the bathroom

"Do your stuff in your room, NO PLAYING CARDS IN THE SHOWER. Its a public place after all"

Poor Alex and Elsa, they can't even play cards in peace.

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