Monday, December 05, 2005

Femme Fatale wrecks havoc in the kitchen

Yeah, its been nice for us in the last few days. The Italian mama bans smoking in the girls kitchen. (if u didnt know already our dorm is next to the nuns dorm and thus girls and boys have a separate kitchen on separate floors).
The good part is this leads to the polish hottie having her meals in the boys kitchen. And though its also a no smoking zone, whose gonna say no to a devilishly sexy girl.
So in the last few days she started cooking up there. Then all the guys in order to grab her attention started cooking elaborate meals. Italian (nope he isnt so idiotic) Angelo made a Lasagna (took him 3 hours)
Albert made Goulash, and we indians not to be left out made Pav Bhaji.
Every one started fighting for her attention and offering stuff that they had cooked, soon she stopped cooking totally, just lands up there at dinner time, and some cooks her a meal.
NOw that she has an exam on "Fundamentals of Intellectual Property Rights" on wednesday she also studies in the kitchen with Gabor.
Now this is the only course that she has taken in the english language, and thus she sits there and asks "what is the meaning of this word, or what does that word mean?"
ANd yeah we Indians having learnt english right from our kindergarten days are more than willing to oblige. (those blasted canadians go out of their way to help her out as well)
So in all the situation becomes really hilarious.
Especially funny is when Mangu goes and sits right opposite her and is going through her notes and writes down the meaning of "difficult" words. (Damn if his fiance reads this blog, his marriage scheduled on 15th april might soon be called of, especially she knows how often he visits her rooms just to help her run the antivirus scan ... daily!!!)
Whereas Akshay adds extra salt and burns the curry and i nearly chop my fingers instead of onions (due this excessive distraction)
Jatin (Windows from D22) plays the cool customer, not being to bothered. I thought he being the true desi was not interested in these firangi women till he told me that his strategy was simply "playing hard to get".
Yeah anyways the polish hottie (or Femme Fatale as all her male friends in Poland call her) is now really scared of failing, and so she studies more than 10 hours a day and all in the kitchen. With her there is Gabor, (though this motives might not entirely be academic i presume)
and thus now every one is having 2 hour lunches and 3 hour dinners.
Everybody here gave their explanantion of "Patent Rights which are unrestricted and limited" (to be frank it sounds a bit oxymoronic to me )
And Gabor isnt of too much help either, himslef not knowing the meanings of irrevocable, infringement, assertive, litigation, caveat, defendant and plaintiff ...
He is a little better than Miss Poland who doesnt even know the meaning of Release, law suit ...
So now as you can see the picture, of the polish hottie studying (and creating chaos in the minds of guys around her) where as Gabor is trying really hard to concentrate on his notes.
As i went in for my midnight tea, michael not to be left out (from the race to impress Miss poland) opens a bottle of finest Bordeux wine (the best french wine) and treats us all. Then Alexandre Longuish who got a little drunk said,
"I should'nt have made a group with the polish gal. She never works, she is very lazy. All polish are all so lazy. Back home in France the polish immigrants only do menial work like paint the walls and repair the roads."
At this she got really angry, and may be just to add fuel to the fire, Alex replied, "but they do a good job"
This led to the polish hottie finally leaving the kitchen, and all the other guys asked him to apologize, (not because he was rude, but because now she might stop visiting the kitchen for good. Damn if that happens then im surely gonna bash up that french frog Alex)


Gabor said...

My exam could have been better if Anna had worn more clothes while studying (with me in the kitchen)

Also I am sad that now her exam is over she doesnt come to me anymore

vishy said...

Was hilarious to read.. wht were ur attempts to impress her man? R u still single and uncommitted?

nirav said...

Whatever my attempts to impress her, you are better off without knowing them (they were obviously unsuccessful)
Yeah though i'm still single, but am committed ... to a cause (Of eradicating poverty in my future, and earning money, fast cars and aster women)