Sunday, December 04, 2005

Friday Beer on Thursday night

Thats what the subject line in my email said. (its a crude translation frm german)
Then what followed was a long email, all written in german (cant read tht well, yet) im about to delete the mail, when the last line of the email was

"Tauschie Summary: Free Beer tomorrow night at 7 pm, in the Gewollebekeller"

So obviously, reading the most important words, FREE (in this materialistic world) coupled with the word BEER, one of the best things invented by man, (thats what they say in Bavaria)

Anyways once i went in Gewollbekeller (or the cellar where all parties are held), i realised why the party was called friday beer, as though u start drinking on thurday, the party was supposed to end on friday.

The roots of this tradition are in the german students revolution in 1848, when students would get together and discuss revolutionary ideas on thursday nights, over a few liters of beer. (a liter and a half down, whatever i would speak would only be revalationary not revolutionary)

Yeah so keeping this tradition in mind, the enterprising students of WHU got some sponsorship and started this beer drinking and discussing revolutionary thoughts fraternity.

Well as i dont speak much german, and nor am i politically aware and all i know about revolutions is earht revovles around the sun, but all of this doesn't deter me from going to the gewolbekeller for FREE BEER.

Its unfortunate now i n2 more weeks here i just have one thurday left, and its criminal for me to be flying on thurday morning back to india, but if you dont see me online on next thursday from 7 pm (german time) you know where shall i be.


akshay said...

looks like teri abhi tak utri nahi, jo itne spelling mistakes kar raha hai!

nirav said...

Abbe Akshay (Miscuzzi)
Spelling mistakes are do to my inefficiency with the keyboard.
By the way is thurday raat ko tu free beer mis mat kar ...

"Woh" bhi aati hai ... ;)