Sunday, December 25, 2005

Back on my Bike...

I last rode my motorcycle on 27th August 2005.
Then as i left for exchange program to germany, i left it in the campus, and didnt give the keys to anyone as then it would end up a Sarvajanik Bike . (i.e. public property, which every one uses, but no one is resposible for)

Today on Christmas 25th december, i finally tried startign the paltry 100 cc machine. And though ti was covered in layers of dust, and half the petrol had evaporated, i did manage to rev up the engine after 4 - 5 kicks (yeah i was scared that the battery might get discharged and thus i might not be able to kick start it)
And dammit even after 3 1/2 months the engine was purring the same way. Still i can manage to manouevre throught the traffic and the brakes are the same as well (the rear brake gives a little jerk to the left each time i brake)

Apart from getting my bike punctured i did manaeg to replace the tube, and also finally bought the things i had forgotten, like bedsheets, blankets ... and what not.

Now that i am reunited with my bike, hoping to have a couple of bike trips this term, and a little more to blog about.

I was goign thru my europe pics, i still have to write about Paris, Switzerland, and Italy.
Also some more pics about the recent happenings in the campus

Anyways i left the keys home and while returning i all but forgot about the keys and landed up in Ahmedabad without my keys. (Infact the list of things i forgot was really huge, but nevertheless for me the bike keys were the most important thing)

Finally i got my parents to courier the keys to me, but then being the smart guy that i am, i lost my keys in the mess.

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