Saturday, December 24, 2005

Aha Back to India

Yeah, its been some time since my last blog, and though 2 are being drafted, i doubt they will ever see the lite of the day.

Anyways I reached home safely, and immediately as I boarded in to the plane at Vienna(TO Mumbai) , I saw the indianness coming back. More and more people breaking queues, talking loudly and HUGE BAGS being carried as hand baggage.

I faced reality a little more closely the next day as I visited my aunts place in Sion. Usually i would be having my motorcycle or Dad would let me take his car. But that day i had to travel by public transport, and travelling by crowded buses in Bombay, gave me a real feel for the city.
again I experienced the noise, the smells.

Yeah and I did notice the lareg number of people all around.

Anyways the vacation has ended, so has the name of my blog.

It shall be more about my last few months in IIM Ahmedabad, and how i cope with not much to do in my last term.

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