Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Final Post from Germany


now in a few hours i leave vallendar for good.
The journey is a long one, As first my friend Farzad Saidi (yeah he is a german, though of iranian descent) drops me by car to Koblenz arond midnight, and then i catch the ICE 809 to frankfurt at 00.48 hrs, to reach frankfurt flughafen (i.e. airport) at 02.02 hrs and then i have to louge around till 6 AM as i check for my flight at 8
This is not all as there is a stop over at Vienna from 9.30 to 11 and then i finally leave for bombay and reach there at 23.25


just saw the videos of the parties, its kind of funny ... lots of candid camera moments, saw a bit of the wild night life here,

and yeah ...
shall miss this place as much as i had loathed it some time back

and yeah i would like to thank all the people that made it memorable here

VIP, TGV, Party ministers, the guys at the Dormitory, especially gabor, jo, albert, ian and others

then the most special were my group memeber s in various seminars
Rene Reinsberg, Gunnar Lange, Florian Arndt, Farzad Saidi, Daniel Jeschonowski, Alexander Smeja, Henock Teklu, Gerald Koch, Alexandre Blondel and Emma Bjoern

also how could i forget Jerome Verger, Kumar Nishant (Lolo) and Jatin Didwania (Windows) for co authoring a case with me (and Prof Lutz Kaufman obviously)

and yeah there are many many more pppl

now that i go on to ahmedabad ...

though there might be some blogs written about germany but they would be fro memory and

now my blog would soon change its name ...
as i move back to ahmedabad ...

EPISODE 6: Revenge of the Geek

anyways now i have bought my 2 bottles of Jack Daniels and ready to go back

bbye WHU

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Manoj said...

Hi Nirav,

I am feeling very sad now that ur German stint has ended.

I used to eagerly wait for your blog as it would remind me of the wonderful days I spent in Vallendar as a Taushchie.

Right from running dinner to Taushchie tuesdays, German courses, the sightseeing trips, dorm parties, cooking experiences, tauschie callendars... it was such a memorable experience...

Alas... all good things come to an end...

All the best for your trip back to India...

Guten Reise