Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Terrorism strikes again

After all this George bushes humbug against fighting terror, and doing nothign about the Indo pak tension, today there was a terrorist attack at the prestigious Indian Institute of Science (IISc)
and one scientist was killed and a couple more injured.

Its really sad, to here when the media says the reason was that the educational institutions are SOFT TARGETS

Read more about it in the news
Indian Express
Times of India

Hope we can one day finish this proxy war for once and for all. Bloody why cant US see that the nation they support (Pakistan) and supply all these arms is simply using them against India.


Puneet said...

And why are we dependent on US for such things?

silverine said...

Beacuse it keeps the US arms industry up and running when there is a 'demand'. i.e. make proxy wars to fuel demand for US Arms.

Anonymous said...

We dont need the US to watch our backs,What we need to do is just get in Pakistan and get the job done once and for all.If the US can do a pre-emptive strike so can we, right?. By the way I am an Indian who happens to be muslim.


nirav said...

@ Karim
Unlike US i dont believe in preemptive strikes, but simply restrict the supply of their arms and money laundering (nip the problem at its bud)
And yeah, i have nothign against pakistanis (apart from they support terrorist groups in india) and any religious group.
I hate the hypocrite americans who talk about fighting terrorism but dont really practie what they preach