Sunday, December 18, 2005



my stupidity has been discovered by the residents of the dorm,
and though i agree i write bad stuff about lots of people, its for the sake of humour.

I also had a lot of misconceptions about some people, but the most was for Angelo.

At first i thought he was an over the top guy, wearing playboy tshirts and shades.

But later i realised he was a nice and a funny guy, (and also smart considering he found out all the stuff on my blog)

The people who i really despised were :
the ones who neevr cleaned up the mess in the kitchen ... and yeah i dont know who they were.

anyways ... now i guess my sharp and rude comments have hurt someone .. its actually time to write anything personal, wicked and attacking on any one.

I dont know, but i guess this was the best thing to have happened may be.

I hope to be less vitriolic about all people
and this is my new years resolution



Anonymous said...

What were you thinking? You type "Vallendar" in Google and you've got a link to your blog. Of course everybody was reading it and knowing about your comments. Anyway, "vitriolic" comments make me laugh (as long I am not concerned!).

Anonymous said...

nice blogging on your stay in europe...found few of the pics in the calendar very nice...especially of the 2 girls standing in the hallway...and the info u have provided was good too.

hope u had a nice time...

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Jesús said...

I don't think it's a big deal to write what you think about people in that very moment of your life. Moreover, your blog is a sort of diary, that's why it is so good. It wouldn't be as much fun if everybody waited for a reasonable time before speaking or writing about someone...Besides, loud people and/or presidents of faculties (and so on) are always exposed to any type of criticism anyways, and they should know that and deal with it. Happy Winter Nirav.