Friday, December 09, 2005

Tauschie Calendar (Part 3)

Ok .. now for the last feww pictures from the calendar ...

This is Marie (Sweden) and Sigrid (France) and you can see though the picture is good, it could have been much better. For instance they could hae simply worn a thong instead of their jeans ... (not my thought but Gabor is telling me this as i publish this post)
More over look at Marie carefully and you can see the towel covering her frontside. A good professional photographer wouldnt have allowed this goof up.

This is the pic our our Tauschie President Angelo (Italy) being massaged by Esther (Spanish Chiquitita in my earlier posts) and Sabrina (Italian Mama or Mama mia)

Though again this picture had some potential, not really well executed. Dont know why but still it seems nice (nopes i am not those MCPs who feel women are meant to serve men .. or may be massage them, but still there is some appeal in the pic)

Hmmm, this is another good pic, with the SIZZLING SLOVAKIAN (Zuzzanna .. yeah in slovakia "z" is pronounced as an "s") with the 3 french guys (there are so many of them, who cares about guys names anyways) Only if she were holding a whip or something, this picture would have the effect of the strong woman controlling here toy boys.

Finally we have the mascot of the calendar, the most talked about and the most publicised picture

Yup the guy is Neal Taylor (UK) and the girls are Gabriel and Ibyllis.

This is the only creative picture in the calendar. (the one you would not find in so many email forwards)

anyways ...

If you think i am some pervert by posting such comments on the calendar, then may be you are right.

You guys tooo feel free to post comments. Surely would welcome any criticism

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Nice pic collection with interesting tags and description.
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