Thursday, October 27, 2005

Norwegian Fjords

Returned from Oslo and Bergen, and boy the train ride was awesome. The Lonely Planet Travel guide says "This 7 hour journey is going to make all your future train travel boring" And boy they are true.

I did click a lot of snaps, but they havent turned out to be particularly great, (from a fast moving train)

and yeah this journey was really memorable for a few things
1 Great Natural beauty
2 I saw and experienced snow fall (after some 10 years when i had been on a trek to himalayas)
3 Nice experience trvellign without reservations in trains and changing trains at 2 Am in the moring at Gotterberg (with temperatures 2-3 Deg C)
4 buyin food at exhorbitant prices ( i bought bana for 40- 50 times the price in india, boy Norway is expensive)
5 Meeting drunk swedish guys who told me about this old swedish pop star called "Dr Bombay" who had forgetable sons to his name
"I am a taxi driver, ... In Cal-cutta"
and "I eat my rice an curry; Hurry, hurry , hurry" ( i really identify with the second song)

and yeah because i was travelling without reservation, during the second leg of the journey when the compartment was full and i had no place to sit, i actually slept on the floor of the train using newspapers as a bed sheet.

All these events really made this a meomorable trip.

Here again are some of the pictures from the trip

From the train

Christmas Tree any one ?

The Town of Bergen from top of Mount Floyen

Me Trying to get a little arty and taking a pic of rain drops on the branches

Actually i forgot to write a little about the Garden in Oslo

It has so many sculptures, virtually one for every possible expression

here are some which i found interesting

1) Angry young boy

2) Crazy girl

3) Population Explosion

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