Monday, October 17, 2005

Whats Cooking?

I think a lot can be said about a person by the way one cooks. (OK i never cooked for till i had come here, but that doesnt mean i had no personality)

Amongst us 8 indians here on exchange we have clusters.
The vegetarians and the non-vegetarians (4 in each). But look deeper form the obvious and then you realise, that there is more obvious distinction. The Big Spenders and the misers.
The big spenders eat out, never cook lunch (have it in the Cafeteria) and even most of their dinners are at expensive places. (As you figure out i am not one of them)

The misers whereas have little choice but to cook for them selves. Amogst us the lazy ones keep eating the frozen pizza bought in the super market. (Indian food needs a quite bit of cooking, the spices if half cooked can taste really bad ...)
Then you have those who are not so confident, they know a few recipes and will just cook that (potatoes and rice and may be eggs). That is because that is all one knows, and cant afford eating out daily and is really scared what if the food turns out bad? What if the spices are uncooked (Masala Kachha rahe jaayega ? ) Thus they simply eat the same thing daily. (i was in this category till some time back)
then there are guys like me, who dont know how to cook, but keep experimenting. Sometimes the food is edible sometimes it isnt. ( i eat it anyways, and though im improving, i doubt any restaurant is ever going to hire me as a chef

Looking at the other nationalites within the dormitory, (as unfortunately as i dont visit the girls kitchen very often, i can only comment on the guys) )

the canadians really know how to cook, and they cook nice elaborate meals. Often buying some frozen supermarket stuff to complement their food. These guys are the smart ones.

The French are lazy. All they have is fried eggs or pasta. (all that i heard about french food, i dont see any here. And whatever these guys cook doesnt look appetising) everything is just defrosting something bought in the super market.

The hungarian is as messy a cook as i am. Daily he cooks something consisting of eggs and ham. All he does is put all the ingredients in the frying pan in some random order and fry for some duration (random again) and whatever it turns out is his meal. (No two meals look similar inspite of the same ingedients)

The Czech guy survives on ham sandwhiches. Thats all he has for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 2 slices of bread and a slice of Ham in between. Nothing else!! for variety some times there is a slice of cheese in it as well.

But the laziest ofthem all is the ITALIAN (our president of the exchange students, also known as ITALIAN IDIOT in my previous posts) He doesnt cook at all. Instead he simply walks in to the girls kitchen, orders some one to cook for him, has nice fancy meals cooked by the italian and the spanish girl (while all the time he is dating the french one who isnt much of a cook herself).

yeah inspite of all his crude behaviour and shameless skirt chasing he sure has some of the mafiosi class. He makes the girls around him do the cooking and cleaning.

Yeah right now all i can do is admire him while i eat my have burnt spinach, while he as spaghetti with shrimp and authentic italian spaghetti sauce.

Well didnt i say cooking does give an insight into ones personality?


Jesús said...

I really fuckin hate that damn italian idiot!!!!
I'm sure you'll learn how to cook very soon nirav, it's not so difficult, you should go ask for food to some Mexicans if there's one around you...
By the way, last friday I earned a very good money working as an interpreter for an Indian man from Mumbai. I had to translate from English to Spanish at a meeting, he kicked ass with his exposition and impressed all te Mexicans. Afterwards I recommended him a nice place to eat here and got to eat there myself for free just so i coul explain the dishes to him and order the waiter and so on, he was very nice, and I learned that Mexico and India have a lot, but a lot more in common than what it seems, I was pleasantly surprised, thought you'd be glad to know

nirav said...

Yeah, even i did realise after coming here that latin america and india do have a lot in common. (Spicy food is just one part of it)

And i had also read in some article about mexico city and Mumbai both have similar problems (one of a large metropolis)

ANd with food now i love experimenting, and some times it sure turns out to be delicious