Friday, October 07, 2005

My 24th Birthday

yeah i turned 24 on the 3rd of October, celebrated it in a youth hostel (Hostel Stadion, adjacent to the Olympic Stadium, which also hosted the international Athletics meet 2005)

Yeah at midnight i watched a rented DVD, and opened a can of Danish Beer (Carlsberg). There is a saying that the Danish Kings loved the beer and hence Mr Carlsberg was a trusted advisor. As per the folk lore the royals had 4 liters of beer, only for breakfast. (Damn after drinking 4 liters for breakfast, no doubt the brewer would be my friend, philosopher and guide)

My friends were really nice. They bought me a DVD (Called Giving it Up, how appropraite for me) and also bought me the best beer in Finland (LAPIN KULTA, but sure i would go with Carlsberg any day)

Here is the snap clicked onthe next day in the boat from Finland (Hanko) to Rostock (Germany)

As for the rest of the day, I walked around helsinki, went in the evening to Hanko (the SUNNY SOUTH OF FINLAND as the tourist brochure says) where the temperatures were low so no bathing in the beach. Anyways here the town was slightly smallerthan the port. We boarded the super fast ferry to Rostock (another non descript german town)


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Jesús said...

Nirav, congratulations on your birthday!

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