Monday, October 17, 2005

Back from Austria

One more weekend, one more trip. But i dont want this blog to be like a travelogue. So no itenaries and pictures of the tourist spots. But yeah Vienna is really beautiful. A must visit place if u r travelling in europe.

It has the old waorld charm as well, multiple museums, lovely palces and gardens and the regular cathedral.

Also we went t Salzburg, a town where the movie "Sound of Music" was filmed. Nice gardens and there is a nice Castle. (but as entry is bloody expensive, i didnt go inside)

Salzburg is the home town of the energy drink RED BULL (so much for trivia, there is a leend which goes around why was it named red bull... google it and you should find out)

But the best part was the Eisreisenwelt ICE CAVES. Absolutely terrific place. There was fog on the way, and we saw this small castle / palace on the way through fog. Its really like heaven on earth. The other views of the austrian alps are also wonderful.

But the best part is inside the caves.

These natural ice forms are no only beautiful, the caves are a catacomb of 42 km length. (Obviously tourists only go i nfor a guided tour throught te first kilometer.

Leaving off with a few sights inside the ice caves. And let me tell you, that hte pictures cant describe anything. to see the real beauty you have to feel it by being there.

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