Tuesday, October 11, 2005

A Bad Day

Today i had a lecture at 8 AM in the morning. Same with tommorow. If that is not bad enough, I went to the alien office in koblenz to get a residence permit.

Now all the other students hada 90 day visa, but our stay here is 106 days. I was smart enough to get the visa for the entire period. Or so i thought.

NOw when you get your visa extended, these guys got a residence permit, which enables them to travel in Switzerland (Germna residence permit)

But for me the officer said i cannot get the residence permit as i dont need to extend my visa. (Damn these bureaucratic rules)

Now to go to Switzerland i need to get a visa, form some consulate office. More paper work and more money (Residence permit is free)

Anyways troubles apart this weekend (its ending early on wednesday;-) I go to Vienna.
return on sunday morning, and thus be in time to study for my first exam on wednesday, 19th October. (Capital Markets Theory II )

NOw as exams approach, i also need to spend more time with books, less in travelling, partying and on the net.

So fewer updates i guess.

But promise to blog a bit

1 comment:

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