Monday, February 04, 2008

Joy of eating with ones hands

Many westerners find it funny to see indians eating most of their meals by hand. Recently when i went to Chennai Dosa, a South Indian Restaurant in London, it had a poster saying:

please eat with your hands, as Indian Ayurveda believes that the true joy of eating should encompass four senses, i.e. taste, smell, sight and texture.

Well I thouhgt what about the 5th Sense (Sound)
Come on, we desis love that as well. Slurping ones tea, chewing loudly with ones mouth open. How can the sound of eating be forgotten?

Come on, please let me know who has noticed people chewing loudly or slurping their soup/tea/coffee and found it an irritant?

Does that irritate you more than getting your fingers greasy?

See Scott Adams post on a similar topic here

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