Monday, February 11, 2008

Custom Number Plates

A couple of weekends back I was walking in the suburban outskirts of London, when I came across this number plate on a BMW. The number plate is nothing if not ostentatious, especially in the UK where you cannot get a custom number plate (like in the US, where you can get any number plate using alpha numeric code unless it is previously registered)

The number is definitely CE 07 LBX, ( C E Zero, not C E O) since the British number plates are in that manner 2 alphabets and then 2 numbers followed by more alphabets.

The owner definitely must be a chief executive officer (if only of his own start up) and most probably an alumni of London Business School (CE07LBS might have been taken or X is for ex-LBS)

I have heard after the credit crunch when the Cross Over Index (called XOVER colloquially on the trading floor) blew out and since it was the series 8 which experienced the most volatility some one bid GBP 10,000 for a number plate ending in X8VER and X0VER
quite and emphatic statement that the person has made money from trading the Cross Over Index. (I read it in a free newspaper City AM ) The columnist said with the credit market crashing if no one else atleast the transport authorities in london made some money out of Cross Over.

I have had relatives (really religious ones) who had number plates "AUM SHAKTI" and "CHAMUNDA"
I am sure if I would want the plate LOSER would have already been taken.

Could all of you readers suggest any name plates worth a mention which shows the personality of the owner?

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Sameer said...

Badhiya hai, this is better than pretentious ambassador cars with beacon lights and job title displays.