Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Chinese New Year

Feb 7 is the Chinese New Year, as per their lunar calendar. Thus another time to make some resolutions.

This coming year is the Year of the Rat. Last year was the Year of the Pig, and as the name suggests i spent most of it pigging out and gaining weight.

Now that it is going to be the year of the Rat, what should be done?
The last year od the rat was in 1996 and i spent most of it studying for my class X ICSE exams. I am sure this one will be different.

Some astrologer has said this year will be bad for chinese stocks (ohh come on that was a bubble which was inflating like crazy, has to burst some day).
The year of the pig brought on the subprime crisis whereas the year of the rat will it bring a solution?

In this year of the Rat we shall all be a part of a huge rat race called life.
And guess what, even if you win, you shall still be a rat. :)

And by the way I am born in the Year of the Rooster, which makes me a Rooster or a cock. (and this might be funny for my IIMA friends, not the least since i woke up early and was the first guy in the mess for breakfast)

You can see which year were you born in here.
Please do post in comments what year were you born in and what characteristics do you have. (If at all they match with your chinese zodiac.

Infact I am Libra by the western solar zodiac pattern, scorpio by the Indian lunar calendar, and rooster by the chinese zodiac. Thus I can imagine my self as a pair of scales with one side a poisonous scorpion balanced on the other side by a rooster.

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