Friday, April 14, 2006

Dye Another Day

As any one who has premature grey hair will tell you, the most dreaded question is HOw come do you have white (or gray) hair? Right from the neighbourhood grocer, classmate, family friend, uncles and aunts right to the barber who plans to earn a coupla more bucks by appying Godrej Hair dye on your scalp.

All those wannabe well wishers would soon keep giving advice, think over aloud the possible reasons and suggest many remedies. But all this advice when simply not asked for.

Here are some of the sample Qs

Question by Well Wisher (QBWW) : Hey youve got gray hair
What I really Wanna Answer (WIRWA) : Yeah, im not blind, and i do comb my hair and brush my teeth in front of a bathroom mirror. So this isnt news
What I Endup Answering (WIEA) : Yeah i dunno some how, you know errr i got some white hair

QBWW: Why do you have gray hair at such a young (24) age
WIRWA: Why did god create spherical planets and not cuboids? i dont know and really i dont care. Now that ive got it im living with it
WIEA: Well pollution, bad water, bad air, may be stress

QBWW: Oh so do you have anxiety problems? Are you always stressed out? DO you think way too much? Is it due ot the heavy workload at IIMA
WIRWA: Yeah actually my main cause of stress and anxiety is people probing into why i've got grey hair
WIEA: No may be im a little introspective, and i like to reflect but no its not due to heavy work load at IIMA

QBWW: Actually you know you are those intelligent persons (sic) who think so much thats why you age faster (damn). And may be its your hair thats why you are still single
WIRWA: you @!$*^%$#)^&^%$%@#&( if that had been the case morons like you would be ever youthful. Damn lemme tell u one more thing, i dont thing the colour of my hair (or lack of it) has to do anything with my single status. And damn you and your full f**king family (esp the female members) its not a sign of intelligence, its not my goddamn grey matter spilling out
WIEA: I dunno, errr (look at the ceiling/sky/something else)

Anyways at each instance i try and change the topic, not because im ashamed of my hair, but simply all the questions are rhetorical. The person asking the questions only wants to hear the answer that he/she has in mind.
Dammit im happy i atleast have hair on my head. (So all you bald or guys with thinning hair wipe of that smirk on your face)

Anyways as i read recently in a book about how humans tend to judge on the basis of first impressions, i do understand that any deviations from the norm are looked at in a suspicious manner and how deeply ingrained are our stereotypes, but then im really thankful that though it is true i might have actually gotten my hair dyed before the placement season at iima. (thankfully i didnt and i got the job of my preference, first preference infact)

Dunno how long will i keep runnign away from the fact that i might have to dye my hair black, but for now im proud that they are grey. Infact I dont care a rats ass of what others think, but only sometimes might get angry at the silly questions.

So no more tolerating those other Qs like wht ur 24 u look more like 34 or may be 44. No more kaali ghata jaiso zulf teri songs in front of me, cause though i may not have the courage to say it upfront on your face, you now know what im thinking right :P


Anonymous said...

abhi toh main jawaan hoon:P...gud post really:)

Anonymous said...

hi nirav,
hahah nice post . but the best part of the post u care a damn abt t other thats the attitude man/ ths its pretty common to se lotsa teens wid grey hair . i guess u cud attribute this to mass mutations,
hv fun

nirav said...

Hey Anonymous people, it would be nice if i could even get your names, even if i dont know you

Anonymous said...


Grey is cool..Wearing it with an almost autonomic panache is even cooler...

Anonymous said...

don't worry....went thru the problem myself few yrs ago....took recourse in the age-old mehndi solution....:)

Anonymous said...

hmm..this comin from the chap whose entire existence is based on tutions. which tution classes ve u joined for your work at ML?

nirav said...

@ Mr Anonymous above me. Wht tutions are you talking about?
And please could you leave your names in the comment.

I havent joined any tutions but would love to get tutorials from you on how to do my job

Anonymous said...

hi nirav

just checked ur blog today. lotsa ppl posting comments on safed zulfe . loking forward to read ur next post. and yeah i m the same anionyous whos posted the comment the first time on ur blog n for this particulat post i m the second anonymous
well i can call myself Ms Anonymous(MA)

Simply, D said...

safed julfon waale....mehndi laga le !!!!!.......

dye bhi chalega.....:).....