Friday, April 14, 2006

Convocation Pictures (like a lot more its long over due)

yeah Pics of the highly over rated convocation at iima.

Posting some of the pics i took (many more have taken pics with me, but don't have em here)

So first we have the entire batch picture, Im right up there on the top row right at the left (co-rodinates (1,1))

Then you have me here accepting my degree from none other than NR Narayana Murthy

As my internet connection at home is slow, so first ill have to reduce the picture sizes and the only will be able to upload something.

now that im at home and doing nothing, might blog daily.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nirav
nice cnvocation pics tho cudnt se u in the batch pic . yeah do post some other pics
gud luck

nirav said...

haha, i know the pic is too small here. As i said im the first guy ar the top left. And well other pics i need to reduce their size. im too lazy now