Friday, February 10, 2006

Sunrise @ Thol

Yeah now in 6th term, less than a month for the end, the motorcylcing club of IIM Ahmedabad is now nearly getting defunct. (With the infectious enthusiasm of Hitanshu Gandhi gone, doubt any one would have the guts to do 1000 km solo rides)
But as a part of i was making too many plans to somehow go out on a short trip. So Made plans to (re)visit the Bird Sanctuary Thol, around 40 km from the campus.
The plan was first aborted due to lack of anyone willling to wake up early enough to witness the sunrise.

Then yesterday night at Cafe TANSTAAFL (CT) around 3 AM suddenly SFI and Gattu suggested why couldnt we leave in an hour or so, and thus reach well in time for some ornithology (well though most of us are avid bird watchers, our main hobby is 'horny-thology')

so off we went across with Nippo being the 4th guy to come as a pillion with me.

It was a wonderful way to spend the morning, away from the noise and hullabaloo of WIMWI to experience the tranquil calm.

anyways leaving you with the pictures

1 Sunrise at Thol

2 Lone Flamingo @ Thol Lake (not very sharp as taken with 10x zoom the max in my camera)

3 A picture taken in the Sepia Mode (im finally using different modes in my CAM)

The Same Snap taken by SFI in another mode, with adjusting his camera settings

4 Now for the people who went there (From L to R SFI Manu and Me, unfortunately not a soul in sight thus Nippo had to take this snap)

5 Finally the other 3 (Nippo Gattu and SFI from L to R)

As I am typing this blog Rambo (another fellow Dixteeno) has started this Radio Nightlife a LAN Radio station, and as an RJ he is busy Leli-ing everyone (Leli : IIMA lingo for taking some ones case)

Ek din saala Rambo pitega kisise


Now that SFI has pasted his snaps on my comp, some more pics here (he is one helluva photographer) This one below is a fantastic snap with the birds flying across during sunrise. (wanna go there one day during sunset as well)

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