Saturday, February 25, 2006

Beginning of the End

yeah now my stay at IIMA is nearing an end.
Would love to type out my thoughts about it, but then dont have the time (too caught up in attending placement ppts, completing assignments which i had slacked on earlier, cribbing about life in general and playing carrom over 10 cups of tea per day)

Anyways now with the entire batch getting extremely senti, some people have already penned their thoughts (Ranga, Poza and Blade are just some of them) and then the 'SENTINELS' comprising of BaLLLma®, Tahseen, Ranga, Bushie amongst others are taking some initiatives to make the last few days memorable.
On of the few events they conducted was the Poll of the Year (POTY) awards, which was held alongwith the Music Night.

The Music night was some nice event, kudos to SFI (Srinath) the music club coord and the entire music club for making it an extremely memorable event.

The POTY awards were hosted by none other than yours truly, and inspite of various goof ups and me not able to read the print, the event was nice with a lot of funky awards being given. (Like the Best CP, best/ worst hair style, killer lady and lady killer, best couple ...)
Anyways i was awarded the best dorm name. (I guess if you know my dorm name, and have lived on campus from 2004-06 then this should have been a no brainer)

Yeah now i shall soon type out my own memories of this place, and add some pictures as well.

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