Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hindi Prachar Sabha @ Chhatravaas Solah

Yeah, now its just about a month left and now and I realise soon i wont be living in this dormitory at IIM Ahmedabad.

Little did I know when i joined the institute its not just the institute that moulds a person, but very much the dormitory that the person lives in and the people in the dorm.

So this blog dedicated to the activities of my fellow Dixteenos.

The latest activity in our dorm is to popularize the use of hindi. Considerign that there are many south indians who arent exactly comfortable in the national language, Nippo and Softy (aka Patrkar the Media secretary of IIMA) formed the Hindi Prachar Sabha. BaLLLma® always being the over enthu guy comes up with the south indian chapter, Dakshin bharatiya Hindi Sangathan. (He can't be a simple member of any club, unless he is the Prez can't he?)
So now while wasting and whiling away our time in the dorm, (which is the second most popular activity for PGP2s the first being paining the pgp1s with arbit gyaan) we have come up with the motto to have all conversations in chaste hindi. Wheres the catch one might say is'nt Hindi the national language and spoken all across the country? But mind you for those who have been born and brought up in the cosmopolitan city like Mumbai, there are too many English, Marathi, Gujarati and even the Bambaiyya hindi words creeping into ones vocabulary.

So now that we dont use any english words, Dorm 16 is called Chhatravaas Solah, and myself beign the Dorm Representative is know known as Chhatravaas Pratinidhi.
Though these might not sound funny, junta keeps giving each other Oonche Paanch (High fives) and whenever some one admits their mistakes they say Main Sudhara hua Khada hu (I stand Corrected)

Till the club was limited to the first floor it wasn't too bad, but with the entry of The Sourav The Roy (aka Currency of South africa aka truncated name of a street walker) there were new words for the english words entrenched in our vocabulary

Sukshma Narm Bal Bindu Prastuti (Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation)
Pratimbh pind, Laghu pind, chaar chhidra maar dhaad pratiyogita (Carrom game)
Yaun Yantra (thats the dorm name of yours truly well translated in hindi)

there are many more, but i absolutely cant remmeber more of those.
And also we have the external consultant, the Hindi scholar from Down south Vinoo aka Nagina (now a pgp3 working in Feedback Ventures Delhi)
HIs one of the many claims to fame is that he top scored in hindi in class 10 in a highschool in Madras. (i guess there were 5 people in the class, and 8 might not be able to speak hindi at all)

Yup i think i will blog a lot more about IIMA, the placement season (current fever going on) and definitely about my esteemed friends, and the dorm.

Next one hopefully should be on the free fair and transparent Dorm Rep elections

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Soda said...

Yeh nibandh padh ke hum ati prasann hue... sada upar rakhe... (Keep it up)