Wednesday, November 02, 2005

PhD Comics

I really like the work done by the guy who has the strip (

11 out of 16 from my group in engineering days are doing their PhDs at various grad schools in the US and i to nearly fell in that trap.

but going through the PhD comics i feel i can do a small comic strip about my experience here as well. Need to think a bit about that. Also need to have some spare time (from travelling and now again some more work is piling up)

Meanwhile the Israeli guy Eyal thinks i am crazy to keep travelling, my parents in india think i am crazy that academics is not my prime importance here, and my aunt (dads younger sister) she does keep mailing sometimes, enquiring how is my life as a student in Germany.

So let me sleep over the thought of getting out some funn comic strips. Wont dissapoint you guys (whoever is actually reading this blog)

Meanwhile I would want some feedback if possible, on how do i make this blog a little bit more entertaining as well as informative as i stumble my way through europe, living my life as an exchange student, and the culture shock to a indian guy of conservative brahminical upbringing in liberal europe.

Yeah please post some comments with any form of feedback.


nippo said...

Conservative Brahminical upbringing?? !! First tip from me would be to keep it factual and refrain from ur mantra to not let truth stand in the way of a good story.

nirav said...

I am being as factual as possible.
The person of liberal outlook you see is due to external influences away form home