Monday, November 07, 2005

Halloween Party

I know i am writing a week late about this, but i had some problems with my camera chord.

The Halloween party was arranged by the TGV (Tauschie Government Vallendar, not to be confused with some high speed french trains) on the 31st October in the Bundesheim Dormitory (thats where I stay)

Not much to write about, there was some killer punch (special alcoholic drink for the event) and the American girls Anne and Kimberly baked some cookies. (Oh they were wonderful)

Yeah now time for some pictures...

(left) I did not wear any costume as I anyways look spooky enough.

(right) Here is Anne with the cookies (Damn i could only eat one for free)

Then we had the party ministers (Damien and Veronique, below left, they were serving the drink "Killer Punch")

On the Right we have Arnim Emrich.

Thats Ian, Marie and Alexandre

Gerald Looks as if he has come out of the movie "The Ring"

there are many more, but i am having some server problems

so can't upload them (trying for 30 minutes now) will upload more later.

And the rest of the Halloween party was the regular stuff, drinking, dancing ... and I hope you guys know the rest.

I am not making any accusations, but the French guys here know the best way to exploit such situations. Drunk gals make good company, (hic!!!) but i guess video taping all their activities after they are drunk crosses the line.

the only worse thing was that not only they got fresh with the Polish Hottie, when her boyfriend comes from Warsaw (to meet her 2 days later) after a 24 hour bus journey, they told him to relax in the TV room, and played that same CD.

You should have seen the anger on the Polish guys face, all colour was drained and was seeething with anger, there was a bit of steam coming out of his ears.

Rest of the details are way to personal for the parties involved. You can use your imagination.


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Soda said...

at the end of third para, u said that they were wonderful... the cookies or....??? :D