Monday, November 14, 2005

No blog since some time


have been travelling a lot (esp that the econometrics exam is over), and have no time to blog at all,

anyways in addition to the trips to Berlin and Amsterdam (yet to write a trip log bout them) I visited Switzerland and Paris.

Paris is pretty safe (unlike the BBC reports) the riots and the curfew is only in the outskirts (North Eastern Suburbs)

The main city was pretty calm.

And yeah though not writing much about them right now,
a few special things

1) many thanks to the batchmates from IIMA who let me stay over with them (Kartikeya at St. Gallen in Switzerland and Moi, SFI, Jhatku, Lota, Chaitu and Pager in Paris)

2) As i returned to Koblenz at 00.39 hrs and the last train to vallendar had left, I walked from Koblenz to Vallendar and now i am in the competer laboratory (yet to go back to the dorm)
So yeah the experiece of walking alone 8km at 1 AM in the night ... that really requires a separate blog.

See you then time to catch some sleep and then i would blog about my experiences.


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Jesús said...

I'm really looking forward to your Berlin blog, hope it's long and detailed, I probably will have to be there by Christmas time...and of course I'm expectant to the separate blog about you walking alone late at night. Cheers

edJe said...

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