Sunday, July 04, 2004

diary @ IIMA

june 24, 2004

My registration for joining IIMA, i am actually thrilled to know tht there are total 45 gals in my batch out of 300, wow
(well in my college the ratio was 1:11, in work place it was errr, 1:400 maybbe ????

man wht a gr8 opportunity for me to lech....
wow 2 years are gonna be funnnnn

jun25, 2004.

we have our intros and welcomes... from the top echelons of the IIMA faculty, well i dont really remember a lot from those speeches, but ahh the gals in my batch are sure gorgeous, was continously feasting my eyes.

jun 26, 2004.

aaagghh lectures start, kinda painful after 1 whole year to come back to the class room, have some horrifying memories. some how manage to survive and return alive.


june 27,

I learn that out here we all belive in freedom of screech, come midnight we all dixteenos shout out loud outside other dorms
whilst they try to dunk us. Well what all we shout cant be put here as this a family blog,.... ;-)
well these screaming matches are fun, cause otherwise i would fall asleep by midnight, the whoile thing energizes me to stay awake till 3-4AM.


july 1, 2004.

no rains till now in ahmeadad. the temperautures are soaring. sweat is dripping from my forehead as i study in my room. no rains till july, unbelievable.... how much i long for the rains in bombay, getting wet in the rains and dirty in the muck (but some one told me this is cause gujarat is a "Dry State" ... ;-)

july 3, 2004

To make up for the lack of rains we have a rain dance in the campus. water is showered from the adjacent dorms. people have a gala time, i actually realise that IIMA campus aint tht dry after all ;-)
there was plenty of muck, water and beautiful women dancing with drenched clothes, ahhh some moment .. and me shaking my butt hard and ogling big time... (well u know mba students need to learn to multi task)... and tht too when 500 other guys were distorting my vision
and tht stoopid DJ never played my favourite rain song "Dhak dhak karne laga...."
for gawds sake this is monsoon of 2004 and he wants toplay some song describing a summer 35 yrs ago...

any ways .. me danced till my body ached, and was a nice "wet" party... so me really really happy.
some respite from the rigours of acads...

4 july 2004.

one of my dorm mates birthday.. gave some hard birthday bums
poor chap, his butt must be aching
got a LAN chord finally
and so now posting on this blog at last

hope to do so more regularly,
ahhh my neighbour juast reminded me of tommorows preperation ..
so me mugging managerial accounting for now

post midnight

we have our dorm rechristening ceremony...
shall learn how to post pics on this website
my being baptised on the wisdom log

ahhhhh back to studies now
writing this blog has increased m backlog

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